Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

It's time for Thrifty Thursday again!
Funny how this day always comes around each week!  ;o)

No new finds to show this week, 
but instead I thought I would share a few pics
from around the new digs.  
There's thrifted treasure in each photo!

It sure is fun pulling out my finds
and putting them in circulation,

Hope you've enjoyed these little glimpses!
What have you found while thrifting lately?  I'd love to know!


Friday, August 09, 2013

Let The Weekend Begin!

My weekend is kicking off early!

So many things vying for my time
and attention!

So happy to have options....
and two and a half days!

What are YOU doing this weekend?


Thursday, August 08, 2013

More Cheese!!

I was ushered into my 48th year
last weekend,
and was so surprised when I received a box in the mail
from my friend, Karen!  (Hi Karen!)


She sent me a STUNNING Longaberger!
It completely matches my new sectional!  And I was giddy!

And then....

I lifted the lid.

OMGosh she sent me a ridiculously large number of little bow tie blocks!

All the while Karen was using these as her Leader/Ender project
and in typical "Hi I'm Karen And I'm An Overachiever" fashion,
she made too many!
And gifted the overflow to me!

I'm so blessed to have friends like Karen!
Looks like there will be more cheese in my future!
Can't wait to sew these together!

Thank you, Karen, for your friendship...
and for the cheese! 


Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Two Birds

I had a chance to get a quick little project done
last weekend.

When we moved, I found BAGS and BAGS of batting
scraps that I had been storing in the basement.
You know, those scraps that the longarm quilter
sends home with you!

I've been using them for packing material
and did actually throw some of it away.
But then I decided to use up some of it 
and kill two birds with one stone!

New kitchen....I needed new potholders!

And so the quick little project happened!
I pulled out some colorful fabric
that I thought would work perfectly in the new kitchen
and cut 9" squares of fabric and batting
and went to town!

And, colorful, reversible potholders!
and the batting scrap stash was kind of reduced...a little.
Two birds....

Happy Wednesday!


Tuesday, August 06, 2013

It's About Time!

The new creative space is coming together!

I was excited to get in some time at the Bernina.
Even if it was a short time!

I quilted and bound this little quilt
from my small-group pal, Kay.

I had a spot in mind for it, and wanted to get it finished!

I'm trying to show restraint in my new space
and go with a cleaner, less cluttered look on the walls!

Here's a brief little tour. 

This Lori Smith Fit To Frame quilt has been stored away...
waiting for it's time.  So glad to have it up on the wall!

I found these great huge orange scissors
on eBay many years ago.

They really pop off of the light walls! 
And speaking of light...egads I need to figure out how to
use all the light in this house to my advantage when
it comes to photographs!

This is a large painting I found
while thrifting a few years ago.

It's very tall and the colors are amazing!  

And here's my little quilt from Kay,
accompanying a little quilt I had received as a gift from my friend, Karen.

In constant view while I'm in the room,
I love my small-group friends!

I decided to hang this Sue Spargo quilt 
on the wall behind my sewing area.

It's one of my favorites! 
Must be all the color!

And last...
but not least....

my most favorite prim girls!  
Well I LOVE them!

Things sure look different in this sewing space
compared to the lightless basement I had before!
I'm really excited things are coming together!

I'll show you what else I've been doing in my new space

Happy Tuesday!


Thursday, August 01, 2013

Thrifty Thursday Returns!

If only for this week, 
Thrifty Thursday has returned!


I had meant to share this with you last week,
but time got away from me!

Last week the hubs and I ventured into small town Celina
to check out their antique shop!

And lo and behold,
I found treasure!

 More tomatoes!
You know...for the collection!
And they were cheap!!

 They were in a basket filled with old sewing items,
and I dug them out!

Look how little this one is!

Both of them are marked 'Made In Japan'
and I was happy to bring them home!

It's the simple things...