Sunday, June 23, 2013

Still Packing!

Yep....still.  Still boxing up our life for the move south!
And still working every day.
Yesterday we had a yard sale and got rid of quite a bit of stuff,
so that felt good!
OMG I am ready for this to be over!
This next week I will only be at the office for a couple hours,
and we'll be heading to Dallas on Friday!!

I'm ready to get my life back!  LOL

In the mornings before work, I've been managing to knit a row or two
on my WearWithAll Stole.

 Keeps me a bit sane!

And even though my quilting life is packed up,
I'm still plotting and planning and itching to sew!

Deb made me do this...

signed up for the upcoming Dear Jane BOM via
 Yes, I've had the book since it came outt.
Yes, I've had rulers and supplies stashed for a great while.
But it's so much fun to blame, Deb for being a bad influence!  LOLOL
You know I love ya, Deb!  ;o)
I figure getting a few blocks mailed each month will make it easier
to tackle this!
Enough with the procrastinating!!!

And speaking of procrastinating,
I was blessed with the best, most generous friends here,
and was gifted with a couple of gift certificates
to my favorite framer.
So I pulled out the stash of stitched samplers,
and took some in for framing!

I picked them up late last week!

Since our new home will have LOTS of wall space, I can have an
even LARGER sampler wall!  So it was time to get some framed!

I'll be sharing these throughout the week so there's some
sort of blog postings while I'm frantically
throwing things on the moving truck and moving my life to Texas!

Today...I'm only going to pack a few boxes and try and get some
knitting and stitching in!

What are you doing today?



Deb said...

So happy to enable you Kim!!! ROFLOL!! I'm so glad that you bit the bullet and got on board with the Dear Jane BOM. You won't be sorry!! We'll have to do a QAL together - just a block or two at a time. My poor Jane is just sitting and staring at me right now!!

Love the stole and I can't wait to see all your framing!!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Good to hear from you--know you have been and will be super busy. Your knitting is beautiful! Looking forward to the sampler reveal.

we are packing and moving with you in spirit

woolwoman said...

your wrap is beautiful Kim - love the colors - I'm glad you have your knitting to provide some solice among the chaos of the move. OMGosh that BOM is crazy! in a good way of course - Mel

Melody said...

Glad to hear you are making headway. I've been thinking about you and your packing :).

Think how wonderful it will be to unpack and set up things just the way you want them in your new home!

Margaret said...

You're almost to moving day! We'll all cheer you on. Those frames look great! Love your stole -- I have to look this up for sure. (I'm not going to mention how I might have signed up for a certain BOM too......)

Anonymous said...

I am working on my Dear Jane journey too, but from stash. You will have a ton of fun. I started mine in March and am determined to finish it by the end of the year. There are a couple of blogs that I use to get give tutorials on each block that I find very helpful. Have fun on your journey!