Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sampler Sharing Finale!

the Big One!
The 2010 finish that has been stored away...
waiting for wall space so she can take her place on a larger
sampler wall!

Ann Rayner Sampler 1839

It's been so long since I stitched her,
I'd have to look to be sure, but I believe I used my own conversion
using Hand Dyed Fibers silks on this one.

and of course Lakeside Linens...
looks to be Vintage Exemplar again...or maybe Lt Exemplar!

I went with a simple,
yet bold frame.

I didn't want anything in the molding to take away from
the sampler itself.
It was such a labor of love!

And I remember racing the clock on New Year's Eve 2010.
I got the last stitches put in JUST before midnight!

And two and a half years later....

she's ready for hanging!
Once I get the samplers hung in the new digs,
you'll be the first to see!

Ann Rayner Sampler 1839
by Threads Through Time

Thanks for stopping by to see the samplers this past week!


Friday, June 28, 2013

Sampler Sharing #3

Another recently framed sampler to share today!

This one, again, was a recent finish and 
framed in  respectable time!

Summer Jubilee!

Just in time for 4th of July and
all things patriotic!

I went with something a little more casual than my other frame 
molding choices for this one.  
Mainly because it won't be part of my actual
sampler wall. 
It will have it's own little place of honor!

The wormy peeling paint reddish molding works for me on this one!
Stitched on the 30ct 18th Century Blackbird linen as charted,
I used all the called for threads as well!  Such a fun stitch it was!

Summer Jubilee
by Blackbird Designs


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sampler Sharing #2

Time for another installment of 
Sampler Sharing!

Here's the second sampler I had framed recently!

Peace Sampler

If I remember, this may have been a New Year's start!
So this one was framed in a respectable amount of time for me!

When I saw the rubbed red sections of this molding,
I knew it was the one!

This was stitched on Lakeside Linens Pearled Barley
with GAST threads mostly as charted.

Peace Sampler
by Birds of a Feather


Monday, June 24, 2013

Sampler Sharing #1

As I finish up the packing, 
I thought I would schedule some blog posts to share the samplers I finally 
took to the framers for framing!
Meet Mary Prentice 1831

I was immediately drawn to the friendly colors in this one!

I think the frame my friend, Karen, helped me choose works
perfectly with this one!

I cannot recall exactly what linen I used, but by the looks of it, I am guessing
it's either Exemplar or Light Exemplar by Lakeside Linens.
DMC Floss

Mary Prentice 1831
by Carriage House Samplings


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Still Packing!

Yep....still.  Still boxing up our life for the move south!
And still working every day.
Yesterday we had a yard sale and got rid of quite a bit of stuff,
so that felt good!
OMG I am ready for this to be over!
This next week I will only be at the office for a couple hours,
and we'll be heading to Dallas on Friday!!

I'm ready to get my life back!  LOL

In the mornings before work, I've been managing to knit a row or two
on my WearWithAll Stole.

 Keeps me a bit sane!

And even though my quilting life is packed up,
I'm still plotting and planning and itching to sew!

Deb made me do this...

signed up for the upcoming Dear Jane BOM via
 Yes, I've had the book since it came outt.
Yes, I've had rulers and supplies stashed for a great while.
But it's so much fun to blame, Deb for being a bad influence!  LOLOL
You know I love ya, Deb!  ;o)
I figure getting a few blocks mailed each month will make it easier
to tackle this!
Enough with the procrastinating!!!

And speaking of procrastinating,
I was blessed with the best, most generous friends here,
and was gifted with a couple of gift certificates
to my favorite framer.
So I pulled out the stash of stitched samplers,
and took some in for framing!

I picked them up late last week!

Since our new home will have LOTS of wall space, I can have an
even LARGER sampler wall!  So it was time to get some framed!

I'll be sharing these throughout the week so there's some
sort of blog postings while I'm frantically
throwing things on the moving truck and moving my life to Texas!

Today...I'm only going to pack a few boxes and try and get some
knitting and stitching in!

What are you doing today?


Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Time's ticking away for Google Reader!

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Saturday, June 15, 2013

This Is How I Know

I told my husband last night that THIS is how I know I am not a hoarder.

Not that it's seriously in question!  LOL

But all of this disarray is seriously making me cranky.....

Unbelievably so.  Anxiety with a capital A!  I just want this whole thing to be DONE!

This morning I packed up the fun bags and headed out.

Spent the day with my most favorite creative peeps.  
Knitted a bit.
Stitched a bit.
Laughed a lot.
Appliqued a bit.
Knitted some more.
It was a wonderful day.
Until I had to say goodbye.

This is really hard.  
Two more weeks....
and the new chapter begins.


Friday, June 07, 2013

Plugging Away!

Looks like a bomb...or SEVERAL bombs have gone off throughout the house!
This is the state of my quilt den.

Sad state of affairs.  I am sick of the mess and the boxes!
3 weeks to go....and lots to do!
My biggest headache is going to be moving all the BOOKS. 
Oh my word the books...the books..the books.  

It's been fun rediscovering things that have been packed away,
or tucked in a cabinet here and there.
I'm downsizing with no regret! 

Some treasures have found their way to my Ebay listings.
And I continue to add more!

I haven't had much time for knitting this week.
MOSTLY because I had an incident on Sunday with a pot of boiling water.
It resulted in a horrific blistering burn to the forefinger on my right hand!
I did add a color to my WearWithAll stole before that happened.

Thankfully today, I'm down to a mere thin bandaid on the finger instead of a wad of gauze,
so GUESS what I'm going to do tonight!?  Yep...knit! 

Back to the boxes tomorrow, but for tonight...I'm picking up the needles!
Hope your week was great!