Sunday, May 05, 2013

This & That

Happy Sunday evening!
Another weekend is winding down, and I am, once again, wishing it wasn't over!!

Just a little this & that this weekend.

I got inspired by Pinterest and pulled some fabrics....

 a new quilt is on the brain, but not quite to the cutting stage yet!

I finally, FINALLY, got to the point of another color change

 on the Wear With All Stole.  See that bit of blue/green peeking out?
I am very excited about that!
I really need to spend more time on that so it moves quicker, but that seems to be easier said than done!

Today has been rainy and gloomy,
but there was sunshine in my heart
and Cinco de Mayo on the calendar!


 and nachos....
and a bit of basic Spanish....

Bien! Bien!

I had grand notions of channeling
Michelle and working on my
And Then Sinned today.
She works on hers on Sundays and I think I will try and follow suit!

So I pulled it out...stitched a bit,
and then went and took a siesta!

 See that bit of sun peeking out?  
That's about it for my progress today!

Here's where I am.
Let's hope it grows every Sunday, if only a little bit!

Now I've got a heel to turn on a sock (aka The Purse Sock) that's been
hanging around in my bag.  And will probably knit out the rest of the weekend.

How was your weekend?



DocSly said...

Your Sundays sound like mine. One thing after another

Margaret said...

Love those fabrics!!! I like the new color on your knitting too. So what about ATS -- you'll get back to it. :D The food and drinks look yummy!

Terri said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Some Sunday afternoons are just meant for a siesta. ATS will be waiting for you next Sunday.

Kathie said...

perfect sunday to me of course we can't wait to see what you were inspired by on Pinterst!
I am loving blue and white quilts lately I am hoping to be inspired too!

Melody said...

Sundays are great! No nap for me yesterday tho... :( I like the colors you pulled for a future quilt.

ATS is looking good. Also the drink and food.

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Your weekend sounds much more productive than mine--have you seen my stitching, quilting, gardening mojo?

Catherine said...

I wish it was still Sunday!!!