Friday, May 10, 2013

Loading Up!

This is the year of the move for the hubs and I!

In preparation for loading up and moving out, 

Be sure and stop in from time to time as I continue
to unearth various treasures that have
been stored away!

I'll be adding things weekly!

Happy Friday!



Samplings from Spring Creek said...


Dawn said...

Best wishes on your move!

woolwoman said...

Move what move? are you following the kids? coming my way? hope you have a great weekend - mel

Melody said...

Moving? Big job for sure. Good luck.

Deb said...

Are you finally going to do it?? Good for you!! You will have to tell me all about it!!

Kathie said...

good luck on your move isn't it hard to decide where to move to, thats our dilemma right now.
I love these domino's very fun
I still have my scrabble tiles, love them !