Saturday, May 11, 2013


I do love me a Saturday!  It's a lounging kind of morning for me!

I appreciate the response to my 'Loading Up' post, but feel as if I should clear up some things!

Does this look like a picture of someone who's in the process of moving??
I should have been more clear in that we are not RIGHT NOW moving.
This is the year that we have decided we WILL be moving!
We are not sure, at this moment, if it will be just across town to a new home here,
or if it will be across a few states back to Dallas and a warmer climate!
Or to small-town Nebraska where a grandchild lives!  
We just know we ARE MOVING this  year!
Exciting to have choices to make!
Not so exciting is the thought of boxing up stuff!
Thus the process begins of sorting through stuff
and readying for a move that may happen in a month, 
or in three months,
or in the fall!

But be assured, once the decision is made,
you'll be the first to know!
It's all just so exciting, isn't it?
If only the decisions were a bit easier and we weren't so 'cautious'.
I'm just about ready to throw caution to the wind!
I mean...if not now, then when??

I love new chapters!



Margaret said...

Well, whatever you decide, I wish you all the best! You have a great attitude. So exciting!,

Melody said...

Sounds like you have some exciting choices! Best of luck to you in exploring all your options!

Deb said...

It will be exciting to hear about where your new adventures take you!!!