Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

Hello there! It's Thrifty Thursday and I e actually got a post today!

Nothing major. Just popped in to G'Willys on Tuesday after a brief hiatus. Found this cool pottery bell!

And this groovy piece of Mood Indigo! I know, throwback to the 70s huh?

I've got a small collection of a few choice pieces of Mood Indigo. I just love the vibrant blue/green combo. This will do nicely to hold scissors etc on a side table.

Hoping with the sun out now that I'll get my thrifting mojo back!



Catherine said...

You always find the greatest things!

Margaret said...

Love them both! I love wind chimes and bells. And Mood Indigo -- never heard of it, but I do like that piece!

Barb said...

great finds!

Karoline said...

Great finds :)