Sunday, April 28, 2013

So How Was Your Weekend??


I hope so!  
Mine was!
Mainly because it was in the 70s and 80s and there was

Amazing sunshine!


I got a few things done too!

 I finally turned the binding on this one.
A trip thru the washer and dryer and it's all puckered and ready for action!

I prepped the other blocks for my Serendipity quilt!

 They're in their little case...ready for needleturn at some point!
I'm storing them in a spiffy 12" x 12" plastic case that's meant for scrapbooking supplies.
But it works like a charm to store these blocks!

 I've got my supplies in a hard shell eyeglass case.
Everything fits in there just fine and it keeps the eyeglass case out of the junk drawer! 

I haven't knit much this weekend, but plan to do so for the rest
of what's left of it!

I've got 16 more LOOOOOOONG rows to go on the WearWithAll Stole before it's
time for a color change!
The rows are so takes me about 20 minutes per row!
So there won't be a color change tonight,
but I'll hope for a new color by next weekend!

So...tell was YOUR weekend?



Deb said...

It sounds like your weather has finally warmed up!! I wish I was at your house this weekend for all you got done. I got nada worked on! :o( I love your new quilt and can't wait to see when you get some of the blocks appliqued down. And I love those scrapbooking boxes too - they're so great for putting quilting projects in.

Terri said...

I started pulling plaids for a quilt for my son and punching hex papers for a to-go project. I also got in the pool tor the first time since it hit 103 at my house today!

Margaret said...

Ah, so pretty! I love how you are storing the blocks, and your idea of using the eyeglass case to store your supplies in. Very clever! But my eyeglass cases always end up with broken hinges. Sigh. Beautiful quilt all done, beautiful applique ready to go, beautiful knitting too! I'm drooling over the applique quilt.....

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Great idea on the storage box and eye glasses case.

Rain, rain and more rain in our corner of the world

Chris said...

What wonderful progress you made this weekend. The finished quilt is lovely. I love the fabrics.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Love your quilt finish and all your projects are beautiful!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Wonderful accomplishments - and with Sunshine!

Cari said...

Love it all !! HUGS

Laurie in Iowa said...

Everything looks wonderful! Glad you enjoyed warmer temps and sunshine this weekend.

Sherry :o) said...

What a great idea with the glasses case. I usually let my stuff thump around in the plastic cases. I use report cases for some things - they are slightly bigger than 8.5x11 and short of an inch thick - perfect for most cross stitch. I'd have to get the thicker cases but I love the idea.

Your finished quilt is pretty - I did a binding on one this weekend (finally) too - no pictures yet - next post.

Can't wait to see your finished flower!

Have a good week.

Sherry :o)

Barb said...

It was good and relaxing!
glad it was warm for you.
have we seen the first project? Looks awesome.
your applique project is just wonderful and the knitting too.
great idea on the sewing case/eye glass case.

Catherine said...

I love the colors in your finished quilt!!