Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blame It On The Ham

I've been plugging away a little here and there on the 
Birds of a Feather Peace Sampler!
 Closer and closer to a finish!
And it's a good thing too, because
that new stash keeps arriving!
You may recall I was laid up for several days following
the "clean and jerk" ham incident, as the hubs refers to it. 
And no I did NOT raise the 20 lb ham over my head!  LOL

Passing time while resting my back was a bit spendy in the end!

Glorious linens have arrived!
(L to R  WDW Parchment, Lakeside Linens V Pearled Barley, R&R Abecedarian Blend, Lakeside Linens V Light Examplar)

And charts....and threads....

Blackbird Designs Feast of Friendship....the blue house and fruit bowl called to me!
And wonderful Anita had thread packs so readily available!

Have you ever ordered from Anita?  If not, I highly highly recommend shopping her site!
She is uber-friendly and talk about SPEEDY delivery!
She has great prices and thread packs and you just need to go check out her shop!

This is entirely Nicole's fault!  Frances Pool....*swoooooon*
(ahem...Dorothy Walpole isn't far behind!)
 And then there's one of my very most favorite samplers from market....

Maria Selby Humphrey 1831 from those wonderful Blackbird Designs ladies!
I absolutely fell in love with this sampler the second I saw it! 
The muted colors....
the verses....
the SIZE (19x19 or so)

I can't hardly stand it!

And there's more to come too.
Unfortunately I ordered from another online source that shall remain nameless,
and they are NOT quick.  I should know better....things are ALWAYS backordered
and it takes several weeks for orders to arrive.  UGH!
Rachel Howells chart, linen and silks are all on the way....
to arrive someday.  *SIGH*

Good thing I have other things to keep my stitching fingers busy!

I really should pick this Peace sampler back up....before I'm tempted
by any of the new stash!  

But maybe one little stitch put in to something new can't hurt.....
I'm going to blame it all on the ham!



Laurie in Iowa said...

Great choices!

Catherine said...

Wow! Great project choices!

Deborah said...

Wonderful new stash!

KathieB said...

It's amazing how much money can be spent on cross stitch. And you didn't even get into the stitching accessories....

blue star stitcher said...

I have "Peace" in my stash, seeing how great your progress on it looks is tempting me to start it.

Erin in MI said...

Hey Kim! You gave me a big smile this morning - when I noticed the scissor fob I made in your last picture. What a nice surprise! I'm glad to see you enjoy using it :)

Margaret said...

Yum! Love all your choices! I've been wanting that BBD piece and Frances Pool forever. Have to resist, have to resist....... Love your BOAF!!! Finish it! It's gorgeous!

Katrina said...

fun, fun, fun!!!! All great projects!!!!!

moosecraft said...

Both of those Blackbirds and the Francis Poole are in my que... waiting for the time to sit and stitch! Gotta love them! :-)

Deb said...

Love your new stash Kim. Amazing the amount of stash damage we can do when we're not feeling well! LOL Hope that your back is feeling much better.

Luxury Villa Rentals said...

All of these images are looking so adorable.

Quiltsmiles said...

Your stitching on that first pictured design is wonderful. What is the name of the designer and chart? Most of the other designers you listed are ones I love too. thanks for sharing. Jane

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great progress! We have some stash in common, girl. I totally agree about shopping with Anita - and I guess we all have a name to fill in on the latter. Honestly, we really should name those as well, but I don't like to either.