Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Quilt And A Sampler

Two finishes today!

Finally able to sit at my sewing machine
and got busy putting the black & shirtings North Wind quilt together!
It started with this page out of an old Country Living magazine....

It's been tacked to the wall by my sewing machine for a LONG time!
And then when Betsy's Wrappers line came out, well I knew it was time!

Here's my rendition...

I'm pretty pleased!  
9" a 5 x 6 set.
I noticed in the original pic that there was a striped border,
so I followed suite, adding a 9" border of a shirtings stripe
all the way around.

I will quilt it humbly, in a utilitarian style,
just like the original in the photo!
It's a nice sofa size...63x72.

And then I got busy with my 
Blackbird Designs Summer Jubilee sampler
that I started last week.

There's something to be said for determination!
And being laid up for a time with a sore back!

All done!  
And in good time too, because
that stash enhancement I mentioned earlier...

It's beginning to arrive!
More on that later...I've got to get busy on my
BOAF Peace Sampler now!

Happy Saturday!



Margaret said...

Both are so beautiful!!! I can see how you were inspired by that quilt in the pic. And thanks for the link to Betsy's blog!!! Oh boy!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Both the quilt top and the stitched piece look fabulous. Not even a bad back stops you from creating!

Deborah said...

Great finishes! I love the black and white quilt.

pj said...

Both are gorgeous! Yes, determination helps us reach the goal! Love that you waited for the right fabric for your quilt. Looks so cool with the border! And I have always liked that BBRD pattern.

I have stitched "Peace" and love displaying it. Fun one! pj

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

Love the black and white!!!! What is the dark foundation fabric that you stitched on? I've never seen that ~ it looks great!!

Katrina said...

Gorgeous!!!!! Congrats on both finishes :-). Hope you back is so much better.

Cari said...

You are 'one wild and crazy chick' !! My gosh you are busy. I love, love, love the quilt. The BBD piece is lovely too. Does anything slow you down? I think you must create in your sleep !! Hugs

Terri said...

Wow, you get more done laid up than I do going full force! Such great quilt and stitching finishes.

Jan said...

Great replication. I enjoy doing that, too. Yours really looks old! Lovely sampler, too.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Wow! Great finishes! Love the quilt and the BBD. Look forward to seeing your stash arrive.