Monday, March 25, 2013

While Awaiting Black Crow

I started Maria Selby Humphrey 1831. I couldn't help it. I ran out of Black Crow, which is a very necessary color in my BOAF Peace Sampler! No's on order! In the meantime, I am completely smitten by Maria! Stitching on 36ct Vintage Pearled Barley Lakeside Linen using the charted threads two over two. She's going to be a big one!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Blame It On The Ham

I've been plugging away a little here and there on the 
Birds of a Feather Peace Sampler!
 Closer and closer to a finish!
And it's a good thing too, because
that new stash keeps arriving!
You may recall I was laid up for several days following
the "clean and jerk" ham incident, as the hubs refers to it. 
And no I did NOT raise the 20 lb ham over my head!  LOL

Passing time while resting my back was a bit spendy in the end!

Glorious linens have arrived!
(L to R  WDW Parchment, Lakeside Linens V Pearled Barley, R&R Abecedarian Blend, Lakeside Linens V Light Examplar)

And charts....and threads....

Blackbird Designs Feast of Friendship....the blue house and fruit bowl called to me!
And wonderful Anita had thread packs so readily available!

Have you ever ordered from Anita?  If not, I highly highly recommend shopping her site!
She is uber-friendly and talk about SPEEDY delivery!
She has great prices and thread packs and you just need to go check out her shop!

This is entirely Nicole's fault!  Frances Pool....*swoooooon*
(ahem...Dorothy Walpole isn't far behind!)
 And then there's one of my very most favorite samplers from market....

Maria Selby Humphrey 1831 from those wonderful Blackbird Designs ladies!
I absolutely fell in love with this sampler the second I saw it! 
The muted colors....
the verses....
the SIZE (19x19 or so)

I can't hardly stand it!

And there's more to come too.
Unfortunately I ordered from another online source that shall remain nameless,
and they are NOT quick.  I should know better....things are ALWAYS backordered
and it takes several weeks for orders to arrive.  UGH!
Rachel Howells chart, linen and silks are all on the way....
to arrive someday.  *SIGH*

Good thing I have other things to keep my stitching fingers busy!

I really should pick this Peace sampler back up....before I'm tempted
by any of the new stash!  

But maybe one little stitch put in to something new can't hurt.....
I'm going to blame it all on the ham!


Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Quilt And A Sampler

Two finishes today!

Finally able to sit at my sewing machine
and got busy putting the black & shirtings North Wind quilt together!
It started with this page out of an old Country Living magazine....

It's been tacked to the wall by my sewing machine for a LONG time!
And then when Betsy's Wrappers line came out, well I knew it was time!

Here's my rendition...

I'm pretty pleased!  
9" a 5 x 6 set.
I noticed in the original pic that there was a striped border,
so I followed suite, adding a 9" border of a shirtings stripe
all the way around.

I will quilt it humbly, in a utilitarian style,
just like the original in the photo!
It's a nice sofa size...63x72.

And then I got busy with my 
Blackbird Designs Summer Jubilee sampler
that I started last week.

There's something to be said for determination!
And being laid up for a time with a sore back!

All done!  
And in good time too, because
that stash enhancement I mentioned earlier...

It's beginning to arrive!
More on that later...I've got to get busy on my
BOAF Peace Sampler now!

Happy Saturday!


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

Better late than never..right?  
I wasn't sure I was going to have a post this week, but today over lunch I stopped
off at a thrift store near the office.

Lo and behold...I found a few things!

I thought this little wooden shoe
would be a cute little addition.

I'm going to tuck a little plant in it
and set it atop a stack of books!
There was only I had to adopt it!

And then I spied this cake stand an was ecstatic!
It's smaller and I believe vintage!

A lovely pedestal!

And nary a nick!  I spied bubbles in the glass...

and no mold lines!  Just this little bubble LURP (shown below) 
where they finished off the base.

Vintage or not...I like it!
And of course the little wooden honey dipper!  
That last honey pot I picked up a couple weeks ago was missing it's
 honey dipper, so was pleased to find this one!

So glad I stopped off at lunch today!
It's always fun to find the unexpected!

What did you discover this week?


Sunday, March 10, 2013


Thanks for the warm thoughts and
well wishes with my back!
I'm on the mend, so that's good!
A slip on the ice a couple weeks ago, coupled with
hoisting around a 20lb ham and then picking up two grandkids simultaneously
didn't go over too well with something in my low back.

So for the past three days, I've been in a reclining position with
feet up.....

and needle in hand!
I did start out knitting but just wasn't feeling it.

 I remembered that I had
Blackbird Designs Summer Jubilee 
all kitted up waiting for some attention.
I started it on Friday.
 I'm stitching on 35 ct R&R 18th Century Blackbird
with the charted threads.

 And let me tell's a good thing I started this NOW
while I still have some sort of ability to count 
threads on this dark linen!
EGADS!  It gets tough after a while!

 I'm about 2/3 done with the design though
and am pretty excited about that!

When my eyes couldn't see the 18th Century Blackbird
threads anymore, I switched over to my BOAF Peace Sampler.

It's coming along too! 
Feels so good to be stitching again!
I hope to get these finished in short time, and
the finishes can't come soon enough, because while I was reclining,
my laptop wasn't far from me and I did a little
retail therapy of the stitching kind!

More on that when the new stash arrives!

I'll head off to the office tomorrow and hope I can sit at my desk for extended
periods without the aid of a comfy recliner.
But let's be honest...we all know I'd rather be stitching!


Saturday, March 09, 2013

Hello Saturday!

I've been nursing a wrenched back and have picked up a needle! Hello weekend!

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Isn't It Ironic?

Don't you think?
A little TOO ironic.....
(as Alanis Morissette would sing)

 that I began cutting this past week for
the weekend sew-fest....

great black repros and shirtings....

and this weekend I pieced
the blocks for a North Wind quilt!

And now we're anticipating north winds....

Oh the irony.  ha!  
While we wait for the snow and such, 
I'm also waiting now for a chunk of shirting...
I've decided this one will get a border!

And so we wait!