Thursday, February 07, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

I can't believe it's Thursday already!
Wooohoo!  Time to show my thrifty finds this week!
Last night after work, I chanted to myself as I drove to G'Willy's 
"Pottery honey pot!  Pottery honey pot!  Pottery honey pot!"

And guess what....
I didn't find any pottery honey pots!  

But I DID find two little things to bring home!

 I just loved this unique covered pottery dish!
The handle!  How fun!  I love love love signed art pottery!
Especially when I find it in the dead of winter for pennies on the dollars
versus what I would have paid at the arts fairs that take place
in the summer!  

And then I spied this....

I only wish I knew more about it!  It's stamped on the bottom 'Made in Japan'.
And it's HEAVY.  Very heavy.  
Silverplated steel?
what?  I do not know.
But the grapes pattern is GORGEOUS and I just love this piece!!

So just a few bucks (less than $7)
and two fun pieces to add to the mix!

Any treasure found this week?
Do tell!

Thanks for stopping by!



Margaret said...

Fun finds! The top on that pottery is wild!

KathieB said...

Maybe hammered aluminum? That stuff seems to show up in a lot of thrift shops these days.

Julie M said...

Love love love that heavy metal piece! I'm not much into pottery but the lid on that piece is sweet. I didn't find anything on my adventure this week.

Dawn said...

Fun finds!! No finds yet this week - but I have a few days left ;-)

Deb said...

Great treasures again, Kim! No finds for me this week. I've been really lax about checking out my favorite haunts. Maybe when it warms up a little bit more.

Catherine said..., love, love the grapes!!