Saturday, February 09, 2013

Hello Saturday!

Always happy to see a Saturday on the calendar!
I've kept busy after work,
in the evenings,
but there's nothing quite like a weekend!

Since last week, 
I've knit multiple Marian Cowls...

 They're ridiculously quick knits on size 19 needles
and I used chunky squishy Malabrigo Rasta yarn!
So fun!

I finally made some quilt binding...
 and now have some binding that needs turned!

 And I started yet another

 I'm using more Spud & Chloe Outer and this is in the fabulously Tiffany-ish Bayou colorway!
I LOVE it!  It reminds of so much of the beautifully colored ribbons
that Kathy uses for her French Sentiments jewelry packaging.  If you've ordered from Kathy,
you know beautiful aqua blue bows are tied around the boxes.
I've amassed quite the little pile of blue ribbon and can't get enough of the color!!
When I saw this yarn, I knew it had to wrap around my neck!

Speaking of Kathy, she and Anne are barreling their way across the US,
eastward bound!  We had hoped to get together today as they came thru
South Dakota, but Mother Nature is warning them to keep on their merry way!
We've got a blizzard coming.  Booo!  
Another time!

I've also been doing a bit of stitching!

This is adapted from the Malabar Farm pattern from Stacy Nash.
I've recently added a LOT of Stacy's patterns to the stash!

I seem to stay away from the sampler needle for too long, what with the
knitting and quilting....wonderful distractions!
 But this weekend, I do believe I will be stitching
and watching the snow fly!

Keep warm and enjoy your today!!



Laurie in Iowa said...

Bummer about the blizzard and Kathy and Ann having to skedaddle out of there.
I love Stacy Nash's designs and they are so doable compared to the honking big samplers I'm usually stitching.

Margaret said...

Everything is oh so pretty! Sorry Kathy and Ann couldn't stop to play...

Deb said...

That's too bad that Kathy and Ann can't make a stop to see you. Weather is always iffy this time of year!! I'm starting to collect SN pieces too. I think that I'm tired of working on those big assed samplers.

Perhaps I should do some knitting. I love all the things that you've made!!

Kathy Barrick said...

I'm soooo disappointed Anne and I didn't get to stop and see you. That weather forecast just scared us silly!! It would have been such fun to play for a day or even for a morning. Another time, I'm very sure. In the meantime, I'll enjoy watching you create all the beauties you do! And I'm thrilled you like my blue ribbons!! xoxoxox Kathy

Karoline said...

You have some lovely things on the go, hope you had a nice crafty weekend