Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back Where I Started...Sorta....

Well, of course I decided to frog that meager
start to the Sprossling cardigan.

And I'm proud to say I've cast on for Hayward
and have knit up all the yarn I frogged!

 So that puts me back where I started!

Except before I knit up that yarn,
I started this.....

The WearWithAll Stole!  Purchased the kit from The Yarnery
and they caked up that Isager Strik Alpaca 2 and shipped it right off to me!
So I had to finally start it, right?  I mean,
it's going to take some TIME to knit this...so I figured now was as
good a time as any to start it!

And then,
because I feared not having any mindless
knitting at every elbow resting place...

I started a new pair of socks!
Just the plain vanilla variety,
where the yarn does all the work!

So I'm back where I started before the great sweater frogging...




Patty C. said...

You do such lovely work ;o)

Margaret said...

Nice projects!! That stole looks interesting and colorful!

Anonymous said...

Love looking at all your knitting projects, I'm getting back into knitting myself, I hope I manage to give my quilting equal time. I love that yarn in the socks you started, what is it? I love self striping stuff!