Friday, February 22, 2013

A Change Up?

You may remember that I started what would be my very first knitted sweater
project on January 1....that day of GRAND PLANS and starts!

Well, for multiple reasons the sweater project
was set aside while other projects were tended to, and now I'm second
guessing the pattern for what will be my first sweater!

Don't get me wrong...I ADORE the Sprossling sweater and am
sure it will knit up just lovely.  However, I'm leaning toward a more neutral color
for the cardi.  And also leaning toward the fact that *I* would like
to be leaner before putting it a ton of time on a semi-fitted cardigan!

And so I'm thinking of a change up.....

 Hayward, perhaps?  
Wouldn't the cashmere content be much more appreciated
up against the skin?
And would this be a fun pop of color?
It's so my style!

I think I may tink the meager start of the Sprossling,
and cast this on!  

What say you?




Margaret said...

Wel, I will say that Hayward is much more MY style than the cardi. But that's because I like wearing loose fitting things. I love it! I think it's your choice though. Good luck with whatever you decide! First sweater-- so much fun!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Go with the Hayward... that's the one that's calling to you.

KathieB said...

Make the change. No knitting project is carved in stone at THAT early point. Make yourself happy!

Karoline said...

They are both great patterns, go for what you want to knit

Debbie said...

That looks super comfy.