Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

or if you ask my husband, NOT so Thrifty Thursday!
But what does he know anyway?

I stopped off at the G'Willy's on my way home from the office
Tuesday night....
and left empty handed.
As I started driving towards home,
I decided to take a different route
and stop off at the Y's Buys store.

I've had decent luck at Y's Buys.  This is a thrift store
run by the YMCA.  They regularly call around the city
and offer to come pick up anything you would like to donate.
People donate stuff.
Lots of stuff.  
Lots of good stuff!

Well, I walk in to Y's Buys and was promptly greeted by the
"25% off STOREWIDE" sign that is brought out on Tuesdays.
I completely forgot it was 25% off day!

I head down the aisle, briefly looking through the
bedspreads and comforters hanging and OMG...
it happened!
I spied THIS!

I couldn't believe it!  
My heart was seriously racing!

Worn and slightly tattered.....
and blue...
and white...
and nine patches!
Three inch nine patches!  
Little 2 1/4" finished nine patches!!!
3/4" little squares all sewn together!

 Granted there are some 'condition issues',
but to me these just show that this quilt was SO well loved!

 Note the area of border I will need to fix.
I plan to just do a gentle tacking, since I won't 
be actually using this quilt to cover up with, but will display it.
and the pic just above shows the lovely embroidery work
someone put on the muslin that is folded over one edge of the quilt.
Clearly the quilt owner knew this edge was getting a lot of
stress from pulling the quilt up and tried to save it from itself a bit.
The binding appears to be intact under the muslin edge too!
Isn't it charming?
And here's where the hubs thinks I wasn't very thrifty.....

 It was $39.99.  
But with 25% off and tax, 
I left the store with it for $31.79!
I was quite pleased!

Isn't it lovely?  
What does the hubs know anyway?  ;o)



Catherine said...


Margaret said...

Have him go to any antique store and look at the prices of quilts there. He will see you got a good bargain! Gorgeous!!!!!!!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Lucky girl... fabulous find! I disagree with your DH... that was definitely a Thrifty Thursday find.

Deb said...

You definitely got a wonderful bargain. Like Margaret said, let your DH see the antique store prices and he'll realized that you got a fantastic deal!!

Cari said...

S.C.O.R.E. !! You rescued a beautiful treasure !!

Julie M said...

What a great find! Tell hubs we all think you did a fantastic job with being thrifty.

regan said...

Oh, this was some serious thriftiness, as you would never have been able to touch that in an antique shop for quadruple the price!

It's so 9-patches are my favorite! And in blue and white....swoon!

Gayle said...

My jaw is hanging open at the steal of a deal you got at the thrift. Perfect pattern and perfect colors - what a lucky, lucky girl you are! Congrats on a great find.

Gale, Ky quilter said...

What a treasure! Wouldn't you love to know who made it and what they were thinking while doing so? All that quilting took time as well. I think you got the deal of a lifetime!

Erica said...

It's beautiful!
I have one very similar to that.
Blue and white quilts are my favorite!
They always make me feel warm and cozy like your favorite pair of jeans!

valerie said...

What a find!Love it!

Twyla's Thimble said...

Oh my goodness!!!!! Bring for show -n tell tomorrow night!!!!!

Anna van Schurman said...

I suppose we should all lend our voices to explain that it is a deal! :)

Myra said...

Score! I think you were there at just the right time because I don't believe it would have stayed there very long.

Quilt Anarchy said...

shut up and START THE CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mam said...

Oh my heavens, this is your best buy yet, in my opinion. Don't you love thrifting.

Barb said...

Great find! and great deal.
Even with the worn spots, it is a wonderful quilt.

JimsQueenie said...

What a steal and it will be loved by you and your family. That is what counts. If the tattered bothers you, you could always cut it down a little and rebind it. Men never understand. I keep ordered fabric all of Jan and this week and my dh doesn't understand why I don't use my own stash which is HUGE!! Everything has a nitch for someone. Enjoy
Piece and blessings, Vicki

Kathy Barrick said...

Gorgeous and a perfectly fabulous thrifty find!