Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

Hello and Happy Thrifty Thursday!!!

First off, must apologize for the unexpected blog hiatus!  I got hit with that horrid "F" word 
and was down for the count for an entire week!
But am on the mend now and getting back in the swing of things!

Last night after work, I stopped off at G'Willy's in search of
Thrifty Thursday finds!

I spent a little....

and brought home a few things!

I've been looking for a new little cruet to adorn my kitchen sink
with colorful dish soap, so
was happy to snap up this brand new set for a buck fifty!

Of course the hubs is already complaining about the lovely glass dish soap holder,
but oh WELL!  I used to keep my dish soap in an artsy fartsy
olive oil bottle I picked up at a arts fair.  But it didn't always pour so nicely from
the spout thing.  And the hubs just prefers to keep the big ol' ugly plastic
squirt bottle on the sink.  No thanks!  
This will be put in action right away!!

The cruet is sitting on top of a lovely slightly patina'd
shallow silverplate dish.  Again another buck fifty, 

 and not something I NEEDED, but I find it hard to pass up quality 

Now this IS something I could have just left there....

an impulse buy was this Italian ceramic plate.
But it has lovely color, and was in perfect condition,
so I'm sure it will find it's way 
into my decor at some point.

And last but not least....

two bucks for a vintage sunny yellow
square pyrex bowl!  
I'm sure it will clean up nicely, and I do
love me some vintage pyrex!

Did you get out and about for some
thrifting or treasure hunting this week?



Margaret said...

Nice! Yup, we have the big ole dish soap container on the sink. Beautiful sight. lol! I should find something pretty to put it in like you. Love vintage pyrex!

Julie M said...

No out and about for me but I do love your finds! I'm having trouble passing up set of silver tea service. I have 3 now. I really don't need any more but they keep calling to me!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Nice finds! My soap is in the plastic bottle, but did start buying smaller ones :-) Have tried several 'pretty' containers but haven't found THE right one. Pyrex is It!

Glenna said...

Love your finds as always, and shoot, I didn't even know the old pyrex came in square bowls. We have a dish soap container on the sink. BIIIIG plastic bottle.

Laurie in Iowa said...

I think I'm going to have to get a little classier with my dish detergent... I've got that ugly plastic bottle on my counter.
Sorry you got hit hard with the "F".

Anonymous said...

You got some good stuff there. I love that little pyrex bowl.

carol fun said...

Great finds... I particularly like the yellow Pyrex. So cute and in my favorite color.

Dawn said...

Great finds! I have a bunch of cruets and I love them

Barb said...

great treasures!
I too like to beautify home products - good one!