Thursday, January 03, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!

Yes!!!  It's TRUE!!  
I must admit I took quite a long hiatus from thrifting.
For several reasons, including
trying to scale down the junk treasures,
becoming more selective about what I bring home
and just not finding anything wonderful for quite a while!

But it's a new year! 
And so many of you ask me regularly WHEN I'm going 
to have Thrifty Thursday again.
So I thought, "Why not!"

Today I stopped off at a local G'Willy's
in search of a treasure,
and came home with a couple things!

This caught my eye as it was stuck in a cart waiting to be 
put out on a shelf.

From the side I thought it might have been
a repro Shaker box.  
And I suppose it kind of is, but not really.
The top is padded and inside...

 It's lined in a felt material.  
I'm going to give it a good vacuuming
and I think it will be perfect to store a 
stitching project in progress!

Now, I really truly do believe in
the power of positive thinking....
and karma.....
and of putting out into the universe
what you want to come back to you.
So in that end, I kept thinking to myself as I walked the aisles 
"I'm going to find a honey pot.  I'm going to find a honey pot."
Because..well you know...
I hoard collect everything pottery honey pots!
And guess what...


A pristine pottery honey pot appeared!
Not kidding!!  It worked!!
All I need to do is pick up one of those
wooden stick thingies  honey dippers
and I'm set!

It felt really good to find a couple things 
and to get back on that Thrifty Thursday train!!

Chooooo Choooooo!!!!  Chugging along
until next Thursday....



Debbie said...

So glad thrifty thursday is back. I just love it. Great finds.

Mam said...

Thanks for bringing back Thrifty Thursday, I missed it. Thrift shopping and yard sales are my favourite past time.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Yeah! Glad it's back!

I'm going to win the HGTV house, win the HGTV house, win the HGTV house ...

Margaret said...

Very nice! That box is very unusual! Nice honey pot -- the power of positive thinking indeed. :D

Karoline said...

Nice finds :)