Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Strips and Seed Stitch

This weekend I made quite a bit of progress
when it comes to sewing strip sets

I hope to have the remaining sets
done and cross cutting started
by the time the next weekend rolls around!

I could have probably gotten more done down in the
quilt den, 
but I got sidetracked with a new
knitting project.

The GAPtastic Cowl using Spud & Chloe Outer
in color "Rhino"
SUCH a quick knit!  Using size 13 needles,
it was flying along and I couldn't 
put it down!  SO much better with this yarn
instead of the EcoWool I had initially
started to knit this with!
Granted it was seed stitch, which can become a bit boring.
But I didn't really get all that bored because it 
was coming together so quickly!

I bound off last night and wove in the ends
and couldn't wait to try it on.
Pay no mind to my PJs!  

So warm and cozy!  I will definitely make

But tonight...I'm pulling out some stitching and
settling in!  It's quite cold here!

I hope you're keeping warm and enjoying 
your creative pursuits!



Margaret said...

Nice!!!! It's really cold here too. Brrrrrr.....

Chris said...

Lovely projects!

Cari said...

Warm and Cozy for SURE !! You are adorable !!

Deb said...

That cowl looks fantastic and so warm!! Definitely something that you need right now!!!