Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Let's Hear It For Fresh Starts & New Challenges!

Well HELLO 2013!!!
Sure to be a great year, don't you think?
Time for fresh starts in all ways!!

Of course today means fresh CREATIVE starts!

On the quilt front...

 I pulled, pressed and began cutting for this quilt.
I've always admired it ever since I saw Minick & Simpson's version quite a few years ago.
So it's going to be my next quilt!  

And I'm really going to challenge myself in this new year
and step out of my comfort zone in many ways!

Today I started by stepping out of my KNITTING comfort zone!
I'm going to tackle knitting SWEATERS this year!

I cast on for this sweater today!

I've decided to start with the sleeves.  
I'm using absolutely gorgeous yarn from
American Rubyspot

And I'm excited, scared and yet somehow a little 
confident in my ability to actually
knit a sweater!  So we'll see how that goes!

And I almost talked myself out of starting a new sampler 
after I looked at my WIPs today.
But...it wouldn't be New Year's
a new stitching start.

So....I pulled out an oldie but goodie
that I've had kitted up for
probably 8 years! 
Not kidding!

Birds of a Feather - Peace
I'm using my own mish-mash conversion of overdyed threads
on what I believe is Lakeside Linens Pearled Barley.
This one shouldn't languish too long in the stitching basket!
And I really do plan
 to tackle
 those WIPs this coming year!

What creative things did YOU begin today?



Margaret said...

Oooooooh, nice projects all! I'm in love! lol! Didn't start anything new today. Was too busy making dumplings for New Years. Yum!

Laurie in Iowa said...

A sweater??? Good for you.

Chris said...

Happy New Year Kim!!
Wonderful new starts.

Kathie said...

worked on a few little quilts yesterday! ok I loved this quilt too, guess I need to pull out that magazine and look thru the stash too .
Thanks for the inspiration

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Great plans for 2013! Look forward to following along.
Just curious - have your Thursday Finds been left behind?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see how your sweater progresses. You knit beautifully, I can't imagine you having a hard time with a sweater. The yarn you chose is gorgeous. I am keeping a journal of all the things I want to work on each month, I added a knitted vest and a pair of socks a month to all the quilting things, I felt my knitting was being neglected. Happy new year!

woolwoman said...

beautiful new starts Kim - I love the sweater and the Bugga color WHOOOAAA - gorgeous! I started the Maryland Inspiration on 12/31 - tried my best to start Color Affection yesterday but just can't settle on 3 colors from stash so think I'm going to end up ordering at least 1 or 2. No new hooking start since I have rug camp coming up in 2 weeks and will be starting a new project for that. Cheers and enjoy the new year ! mel

Loraine said...

You have some awesome projects lined up! I absolutely love Minick and Simpson quilts, and I can't wait to see your progress on this one.
Love your Peace sampler, and that sweater is going to be gorgeous! Hurray for a new year.

Jeanne said...
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Jeanne said...

py New Year Kim! It sure feels good to start on some new things. I love that new BOAF sampler you started! I'm doing a lot more stitching rather than quilting these days...so now I've got 35-plus bins of quilting fabric staring me in the face trying to make me feel guilty. Using my fabric stash to back ornaments isn't making much of a dent - LOL!

Dawn said...

Fun! Love your projects.
I pulled out a sampler too - 1994...yup, I still love it too!
I envy your knitting - stitch on...