Sunday, September 16, 2012

Farewell Thee Weekend

Another weekend gone. Dang it anyway! Oh was glorious while it lasted!

I got the first pom-pom ped (sans pom-pom) finished...

Pattern is here
....don't you love Purl Bee!? I'll get the second one started this week. They really don't take long!

And I sewed...and sewed....

and sewed! Yet still have many more HSTs to go! Just enjoying the process!

And tonight I finished binding off on the Milk Run Shawl!

I can't wait to get this one blocked out! If you're not familiar with the origin of this particular shawl, it's based on the shawl that Kate Middleton was seen wearing when she was out on a "milk run", presumably, at her local grocery store. It was an easy knit and even the ruffle didn't kill me! The rows sure did get lonnnnnnnngggggg as it went on though! The bind off was enjoyable and I'm ready to get it soaked and blocked. Maybe tomorrow evening after work!

We've got the windows open and I'm ready to snuggle in under a quilt or two. A high of only 63 is what's up for us tomorrow. Aaaah...should be great sleeping weather tonight!

I hope you've had a great weekend! On to the new week we go!!



Margaret said...

Wow, you sure get a lot done on the weekends. :D Love the pom pom sock (and yes, love Purl Bee). Love the HST's too -- gorgeous colors! The milk run shawl -- cooooool! Have a great week!

Laurie in Iowa said...

You get so much accomplished during your weekends. The pom pom sock looks great and I can't wait to see the milk run shawl after you have it all blocked.

Cari said...

WOW KIM...Did you get any sleep or nap time in this weekend? Your work is amazing !! I love the Milk Run Shawl, simple and lovely!! Have a great week.

Deb said...

Oh goodness do I love that Milk Run Shawl. I honestly need to get some knitting out one of these days! I love it!!