Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Puddle In The Cloud

*sigh*. Well. I ordered and received another skein of Pebble so I have had my head and hands in "The Cloud" of And They Sinned. But look. Do you see it? The dye lot is so far off on the new Pebble. I've got a puddle in my cloud. And a rather large section of Pebble left to do. Chalk it up to creative puddling? Reorder another skein?


Gabi said...

What a pity. But dyelots do differ a lot. It looks quite light to me.
Not sure what I would do. I would probably try to order elsewhere, hoping they have a darker number.
It's a pain to match different dyelots. Crossing fingers here you'll find a solution.

scholarpon said...

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Cari said...

Dang...the downside of over dyed floss...well actually I've had that happen with DMC !! I'd order another skein from another site and then maybe mix the two up. What a pain... good luck and keep on keepin' on!!


Catherine said...

I checked my pebble ~ I have one skein that looks like your puddle and one that looks completely unlike either!! Go figure!!

Elizabeth said...

I don't think it looks too bad, but I know the frustration of the dye lot not being the same. My comment is probably less than helpful, but I don't think it would look bad if you left it!