Sunday, September 30, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kaffe Columns

I finally got my Kaffe Columns quilt bound over the weekend. My friend, Kay, did a fabulous job on the quilting! The wool batting makes the designs just pop. I thought I'd share pics with you. Happy Wesnesday!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Saturday Evening

I spent a little time down in the quilt den today.
Progress is slow on the Broken Dishes quilt. But there IS progress!
The stage is set for the final sewing pass thru on the blocks. Once this step is done...
I'll be ready to fire the Oliso up and do some serious pressing! Stitching last night. Patchwork today. I think it's time to pick up the knitting needles! *Peace!

Saturday Morning

Good Saturday Morning!

Thanks for making me feel okay about hacking off that section of the sampler and pitching it and moving on! Feels great! Now don't get me wasn't the sampler itself, it was the colors. And frankly once I had started it and started not liking the colors, I was pretty much over this one. So that's why I'm happy to pass the chart along! The next owner of this is...

Faye said:

I have had to do the same thing before....Didn't it take a burden off???? Now, about the chart....I would LOVE the chart to add to my A&E collection..Plus I would actually stitch it after coming up with a color pallette that works! Thanks so much for the chance...

Always, Faye carolinastitcher

Faye, please shoot me an email at kwiltykim at hotmail dot com and let me know where to mail the chart! I can't wait to see what you do with the coloring. I'm sure it will be lovely!

Last night I put three lengths in on THE CLOUD of And They Sinned.

The blue part of the cloud. But only after I did this...

The light puddle of off-color Pebble had to be removed.

So I'll have to roll the dice and order another skein and hope it's more gray!

Speaking of ordering, I figure if I'm ordering a skein of GAST, I may as well check some other charts and just order a few more. You know, make the shipping charge worth it! ha! Where do YOU like to order your stitching supplies from? Your chance to give your fav' LNS or ONS a big shout-out! Is there a site or a shop that is just fantastic about kitting things up for you? Excellent customer service? No wait time for your order? I'd love to hear where you enjoy shopping the most for your sampler stitching needs!

One place I recently shopped...ahem......eBay.

I was quite tickled to win both of these Scarlet Letter kits. The cost of both, including shipping, was less than what the price of The Tablet kit is, so I was happy! The Tablet has been on my "Scarlet Letter Wish List" for a while. I think it's so gorgeous! And of course I love Ann Hall, so it was only right that I go for know, that whole making the shipping worth it thing again! ;o)

I must be getting my sampler stitching mojo back since stash enhancement is on my mind! That's a good thing!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Well THAT Was Easy and a GIVEAWAY!

Yep...I did it. I hacked off that wretched 80s color stitching. The lovely linen has been salvaged for another project. The DMC has been put back in the stash. No regrets! And I'm moving on and damn if it doesn't feel good!

And I have a chart to giveaway!

If you're interested in adding this to your stitching stash, just leave a comment on this post. I'll draw a winner on Saturday! Don't let my disdain with my stitched piece sway you. I'm sure this will be lovely stitched up in whatever colors you choose! It just wasn't 'mucky' enough for me I suppose!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Reserving The Right

I'm stitching tonite on the Garden Of Eden sampler from The Needle's Prayse. I am not feeling the love. The colors seem very dated to me and I don't feel like ripping it out. I'm reserving the right to pitch this one with no guilt. Do you ever do that?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Farewell Thee Weekend

Another weekend gone. Dang it anyway! Oh was glorious while it lasted!

I got the first pom-pom ped (sans pom-pom) finished...

Pattern is here
....don't you love Purl Bee!? I'll get the second one started this week. They really don't take long!

And I sewed...and sewed....

and sewed! Yet still have many more HSTs to go! Just enjoying the process!

And tonight I finished binding off on the Milk Run Shawl!

I can't wait to get this one blocked out! If you're not familiar with the origin of this particular shawl, it's based on the shawl that Kate Middleton was seen wearing when she was out on a "milk run", presumably, at her local grocery store. It was an easy knit and even the ruffle didn't kill me! The rows sure did get lonnnnnnnngggggg as it went on though! The bind off was enjoyable and I'm ready to get it soaked and blocked. Maybe tomorrow evening after work!

We've got the windows open and I'm ready to snuggle in under a quilt or two. A high of only 63 is what's up for us tomorrow. Aaaah...should be great sleeping weather tonight!

I hope you've had a great weekend! On to the new week we go!!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Happy Saturday!

A little leisurely knitting this morning before I start my Saturday! Aaaaah Saturday!! I hope to work on the broken dishes quilt and finish up my Milk Run Shawl and this first Pom-Pom ped! What's on your agenda?

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Step By Step

Another step completed on the scrappy broken dishes quilt! Whew! Glad all this pressing is done!!

Friday, September 07, 2012

As If...

As if I don't already have too many, I got a new knitting bag this week! I adore Martha's Green Mountain Knitting Bags!
An extravagance for which I shall not apologize! And so I had to get out the yarn swift and cake up a new project to reside in it. As if I don't already have enough on the needles!
Happy Friday! *Peace!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Tuesday Evening Well Spent

These were waiting for me.

So tonight was the night! The Democratic National Convention on the tube...I got busy. Pedal to the metal on the Bernina!

And walaah!

All sewn and ready for pressing! Between the sewing and the positive DNC speeches, it was a Tuesday evening well spent!


Sunday, September 02, 2012

A Puddle In The Cloud

*sigh*. Well. I ordered and received another skein of Pebble so I have had my head and hands in "The Cloud" of And They Sinned. But look. Do you see it? The dye lot is so far off on the new Pebble. I've got a puddle in my cloud. And a rather large section of Pebble left to do. Chalk it up to creative puddling? Reorder another skein?