Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Little Of This

And some of that has filled my weekend. It's been good, albeit always too short.

I hope your weekend was filled with good things!


Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday with Mary

I've been stitching this evening. Spending some needle time with Mary Prentice.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday So Far!

I've finished up a couple things today! What a great feeling that is!

Last night I finished binding off the Noro Blanket Shawl that I started when we left for Dallas!

This morning I enjoyed CBS Sunday Morning and wove in all the ends while I watched!

So it's officially done and I officially love it! I think I got that southwestern blanket feel I was going for! And it's so snuggly! Can't wait for a chill in the air so I can wear it!

With a great feeling of accomplishment, I decided to dig in my purse and pull out the socks that have been living in there for the past couple years (no exaggeration!). I only had toe decrease and kitchener left, so decided to finish those up too!

I quickly cast on another pair of socks, which will again reside in my purse for those times when I'm stranded at the office over lunch hours, or stuck behind a train, etc. Great to have something like that on hand to pass the time!

I cast on two other projects, just to get them in the beginning stages. I'm doing Citron, and also the Milk Run Shawl. One completely mindless (Milk named because it's designed after the shawl that Kate Middleton wore on a quick trip to the know, for milk!) and the other easy but a little more involved! Both have been in my Ravelry queue with yarn at the ready, so it feels good to get things started that have been waiting in the wings! I'll show you some progress once there's enough to photograph!

And now...I'm STITCHING! AAACK! I KNOOOOOW! You thought I had FORGOTTEN that I thoroughly enjoy sampler stitching! ha! Nope...didn't forget! I plan to stitch the rest of Sunday away!


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday Cleaning!

Bathroom has been cleaned....dusting has been done. Sheets are in the dryer. I'm on a Saturday cleaning spree!

I've also added a few things to the Etsy shop
....the queen size quilt in the pic...a Jo Morton fabric quilt top....some Moda fabrics...

The cleaning continues!

Happy Saturday!


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Yes, Karen, I DID Finish My Bow Tie Quilt!

Every workday morning, if I'm lucky, I have email conversation with my pal, Karen. This past week, it seems in the first email of every day, she asks "Did you finish your bow tie quilt?" and so now tomorrow, I can say "Yes! Yes, Karen, I DID finish my bow tie quilt!"

Quite happy with it! Measures 63 x 72 and no border! It's no secret that adding borders to a quilt is probably quite low on my list. And so when Karen says, "I don't think you should add a border. I think quilts look older without borders." if I would argue! So no borders!

Can you see the subtle shift between the two different Moda Bella Solids reds that I used? Here's a pic where you can probably detect the difference.

The bulk of the blocks were pieced using Moda's Country Red, and the few sparklers mixed in are made from Moda's Christmas Red. I think they play well!

In other news, if you follow me on Instagram (kwiltykim) or Facebook, then you know I was stuck in a two-day insurance seminar earlier this week! But all was not lost...while sitting in class, during a break I'm sure ;o), I plotted the next quilt!

Yep...broken dishes in my future!

Tonight I readied the fabrics for pressing...

I'm thinking I may as well plan for this one to be a queen size. I think I'll go with 3" finished half-square triangle units! Hopefully this weekend I'll get these all pressed and will whip out my Easy Angle and start cutting!

Hope your week is treating you well!


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Just A Bit Of Progress

OMG clearly two days that make up a weekend is just not enough time for me! Only a bit of progress made in the last 48 hours!

All the bow tie blocks are done and the rows are put together. This week I'll be working on sewing the rows together, so hopefully that won't take too long!

In between visits from the grands yesterday and today, I've done some more knitting on the Noro Blanket Shawl I started on vacation.

Seems like so long ago that we were setting off on our road trip! Hard to believe it's just been a little over two weeks since we hit the road!

I've let the hubs know that I was in a much happier, relaxed place when the threat of the office didn't loom around the corner. We need to work on staying in a vacation state of mind! At least I do!

But for now.....Sunday is drawing to a close and Monday rears its ugly head again! I really need to get to a place where it doesn't MATTER what day of the week it is!


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Another One For "The Pile"

The "To Be Blocked" pile, that is!

The Bugga! Color Affection shawl is complete...other than weaving in the ends and blocking.

Rav'd here. Bugga! yarn was a delight, as usual! More photos after it's blocked, because it's going to block out to be a lovely large shawl!

I'll concentrate on the Noro Blanket Shawl between the quilts!


Monday, July 09, 2012

Today I Buried My Head creative things. Trying to ignore the fact that the office looms tomorrow. The time away from the desk was wonderful.

I worked solely on my Noro Blanket Shawl during the trip...

and made good progress! But I set it aside this morning to work on other things!

I got all of my bow tie blocks put together.

They're waiting patiently for pressing. I hope to get that quilt put together by the end of the weekend coming up.

And now I've picked my Color Affection back up.

Only one more inch of the blue and it's ready for binding off! I may be able to get that done tonight yet!

Yes...the time away from the office was nice, I only wish tomorrow wasn't tomorrow already! Now that we're home, I'm ready for a nice long STAYCATION! I'll have to work on scheduling one!

Happy Monday!


Sunday, July 01, 2012

Seen Along The Way...

We made it to Dallas! Here are some pics from the journey, in no particular order, as I'm at the mercy of the Blogger app! Happy Sunday!