Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Done and Moving On!

With the Diakeito Diamussee colorway 41 in the house, I couldn't help myself and finished up the Haiti Scarf last night!

It's ready for blocking! And even though there is quite the little pile waiting for blocking, this one is going on the wires first! I really love this! And it's DONE!

Of course I didn't sit idly by while waiting the week for the yarn to appear, so I cast on the Color Affection shawl in Bugga! last Friday.

And while I "really love" the Haiti scarf, I do believe I'm going to "really love LOVE" this shawl! I'm already planning a second in my mind! I wish you could REALLY see the colors of this one...the pic appears a little washed out. Will try and do better with the pics on the next post!

So it's back to my regularly scheduled knitting!


after work.....

darn office always screwing with my knitting plans!

Happy Tuesday!



MoonBeam said...

Your Haiti scarf is beautiful. Congratulations on the finish. I wish I knew how to knit more than straight lines. So many things...so little time!


Cari said...

Yarn on Monday...Haiti scarf on Tuesday... Sorry, I don't see that the office gets in your way at all !! Just kidding.....love all of your projects!! Hugs

Deb said...

You have been knitting up a storm. You've almost made me pull out some wool and start knitting. But it's 95 here and I'm having a hard time thinking about warm things. Love all your projects and finishes!

Karoline said...

The Haiti scarf is looking gorgeous, I love the colours.

carol fun said...

Oh that yarn is scrumptious!!! Such gorgeous colors. And Color Affection, I am so tempted to start that one too. Gotta finish Summer Flies first, I think, maybe - LOL!