Thursday, May 31, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

Well would you look at that! I'm actually doing a Thrifty Thursday post!!! Yippeeee!! I haven't been in the mood to treasure hunt lately, which would explain the hiatus. But this past weekend, I did feel like venturing out and found three lovely items!

I absolutely LOVE this piece of pottery! It is so smooth and organic in your hand, I can't quite explain it! And I also can't make out the artist signature on the bottom. Drats! But I can make out the artist signature on the little partridge painting! Paula Hope, it says. Loved the size, the colors, the subject matter. It will be reframed! And then a lovely wood box. Just loved the way it was put together and well, you goes with the other boxes I collect!

Not a bad haul for less than $7! It got me excited about thrifting and treasure hunting again!

Have you found any wonderful things this week?



Margaret said...

Nice finds!! Glad you're thrifting again.

Deborah said...

Glad that thrifty Thursday is back. I have missed your finds.