Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fun! & A Finish!

How stinkin' excited do you think I was when I read my name as a WINNER for a giveaway on Barbara Brackman's blog!? I had to look twice to make sure I was THAT KwiltyKim! And I was! These have arrived!

Since they came with a directive from Barbara to "Have fun!" that is exactly what I intend to do with them! I love the faded colors in this line...it will blend well with many others down in the quilt den! Thank you, again, Barbara!

I've also added to the 'needs to be blocked' stack...which means I have a finish!

My Sunday Market Shawl is done! Woooohooo! How fun do you think it was to purposely drop stitches?

Not only to purposely drop them, but the help them along all the way the length of this shawl? It was really fun to watch the laddering appear! Fun pattern and I will be knitting another!

I'm on to another project that is moving along quickly!

This is the Lacy Baktus...and I'm using Malabrigo Sock in the Turner A colorway and I am addicted to knitting this!

It's a good thing I'm addicted to this project, because I need to finish it by month's end. Next month is May ya know! And that means at the stroke of midnight May 1, I'll be casting on a project for the MadMay challenge on Ravelry! Thanks to Mel for mentioning the challenge! I've got my yummy Madelinetosh MCN caked and ready to cast on!

Here's hoping you're having fun too!



Margaret said...

I saw your name on Barbara Brackman's blog as a winner. You lucky you! Beautiful fabrics! And that finish -- um, that sounds really really scary. lol! Purposely dropping stitches? Yikes! Like the new start too. :D Have fun!

KathieB said...

Lucky! My interweb winnings consist of a Bananagrams game. Frankly, I'd rather have a nice stack of fabric. Have fun with it!

Laurie in Iowa said...

Lucky you... enjoy your stack of fabricx.

Loraine said...

Oh Wow! Congrats. That is awesome.
Love your little bow tie quilt too. So sweet! Is it from a specific pattern, or did you just cleverly whip that up?
Take Care.

woolwoman said...

OMGosh Kim - your fabric win is just wonderful - LOVE the warm faded colorways - can't wait to see what loverly you pick for it. Your new knits are so pretty - Don't you just love the Malab sock - I am quite enamored with it. I'd love to hear what you decided on for MADMAY - glad you are going the MADness! YGG - Mel

Catherine said...

Congrats on your fantastic win! Love all of your other goodness too!

Michelle said...

Dropping stitches on purpose? That scares me half to death! Did it for my Clapotis years ago and haven't worked up the nerve to do it since.

Your project is gorgeous!

Sherry :o) said...

Congrats on winning - that stack of CW fabric is lucious. And the purple/green knitting is awesome - beautiful. You have been busy...looks like you're having fun!