Monday, March 12, 2012

Do You Love Your iPhone?

How about your iPad? I seriously can't remember life before my iPhone! LOL and to think I was leery of leaving my beloved Blackberry! But it's true...I recently cast aside the Crackberry and the iPhone 4s...complete with Siri...has taken its place!

Now I'm never bored! So many things on this phone!!!

What's your favorite app? Do you play Words with Friends? If so...hit me up! I'm KwiltyKim! I also love the Pinterest app...this keeps me occupied with things other than work most days! Ssssshhhh!!

I'm participating in an affiliate program for appSmitten! You can receive their newsletter via email, where they take the hassle out of sifting thru all the apps that are available for your phone (iPhone, Android or iPad) and they showcase the latest and greatest!!

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I'm heading off to research the virtues of the TeuxDeux app! I'm sure you've heard of it via other bloggers....a fabulous to-do list app! I'd love to know what YOUR favorite app is!


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Chris said...

It is sooo addictive!

Margaret said...

Yes, I love my iPhone. :D

regan said...

I've never sent a text a pic from my basis little cell phone, and I'm not even sure what 4s or Siri means? lol

Yeah.....I'm old!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

still learning, but enjoy it more all the time. bye bye crackberry...