Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

It's Thrifty Thursday and I finally have a little find to share! I either haven't felt like traipsing thru the thrift shops or have traipsed thru them and found nothing, but this week I did bring a little treasure home!

Who doesn't love blue and white? and sugar bowls?

I was willing to pay the price for this beauty in excellent condition! Not even a flea bite.

I may use it to hold sugar when I have my spot of Earl Grey. Wouldn't that be the English thing to do?

I'm not sure what the pattern is, but will see what I can find out! I'd love to find some matching pieces!

Did you find any trinkets or treasure this week?



Julie M said...

Beautiful! No treasures for me. :(

regan said...

That's lovely.....and perfect to use at tea time!

Margaret said...

I always love blue and white. That is lovely!

samplerlover said...

I have a couple of these dinner sets. It is called Indies by Johnson Brothers.

It is lovely isn't it. I also have a few of the jugs of different sizes and also the big platter hangs on my wall. - Sandra.

diamondc said...

Your sugar pot is georgous.
I love thrifting.