Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Got To Be Startin' Something

I seem to have a case of startitis!

Knitting startitis anyway! Sunday I cast on two new projects.

On the left is the Sunday Market Shawl and on the right...yep...it's yet another Noro Striped Scarf! This one will be somewhat neutral and will stay with me. That's the plan anyway!

There was NOT, however, any startitis in the sampler stitching department. True to my word...must finish one of my January starts before I can even think of starting something new!

I've pulled Mary Prentice 1831 out and got down to business.

I'm loving the colors, the linen, and just then entire process with her.

We're on the southern edge of that Dakotas Blizzard...which means we have rain...which means we have ice...which means it's very slippery....which means I fell in the driveway. Of course! I'm such a clutz! My dad used to always call me Grace..and that's not my middle name! ;o) As the evening wears on, I'm wincing more and it's even uncomfortable to STITCH! *GASP!!! I know!!!! *sigh* So I'm going to sit and at least hold knitting in my lap and wait for the Advil to do it's thing! At least there's good TV on tonight! PARENTHOOD! Wooohooo! And then I'll hit the DVR menu and watch The Real Housewives of the OC!

Happy Tuesday Evening!


Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Finishing Zone

I must have been in the finishing zone yesterday! As the previous post shows, I finished my Blue & Brown four patch quilt. Thank you, by the way, for all the emails about it. I used a combination of Roberta Horton plaids, Jo Morton prints, and some French General plaids, along with the reproduction blue print, and it measures 90 x 90.

Before I started sewing yesterday, I finished up my One Row Lace Scarf!

I used Spirit Trail Fiberworks Sunna yarn (LOVE!) in the Antique Tapestry colorway and I love it! It's 72" long and so soft and smooshy! I'm excited to have this done, as it was the First Quarter Challenge project at The Loopy Ewe!
Late last night after I finished the blue & brown four patch....I decided to tackle some more four patches...leftover cheddar blocks that had been sitting around the quilt den.

Remember these?

I decided to do a strippy set with the cheddar four patches and these fabrics.

The prints are Mary Koval reproductions.

The strippy set went together quickly and this one is just 31 x 41, so it didn't take long!

Today I think I'll cast on a new knitting project or two and stitch on a sampler or two! A great way to spend a Sunday!

Have a great day!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Loving The Blue & Brown

Finished piecing this one today! Definitely wanted this one queen size, as I am loving the blue and brown! Hope you're getting lots accomplished this weekend!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

I found a few things this week and spent $3.45.

The Mason jar has the zinc lid and I do try and pick these up when they have the zinc lid!

The etched box I thought was so sweet!

I didn't take a pic of the bottom, but it has a burned in inscription from one person to another and it's dated, but not old. It was a buck twenty-five, so home it came!

And the little bird....

isn't he sweet? Fifty cents.

A well spent $3.45 this week! I'm hoping this is a turn in my luck. The last few weeks have been a bust and I'm ready for spring and garage sale season!


Monday, February 20, 2012

Slightly Cloudy

Actually today's weather was REALLY cloudy. And wet. But my progress on the And They Sinned cloud is definitely slight ! Slow moving, but moving!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

And It's Not Over Yet!

I've been thoroughly enjoying this long holiday weekend!

I've been sewing this...

loving the blue/brown combo and it's going to be another queen size quilt.

And I tend to have a wandering eye as I sit at my Bernina piecing away....

I've already pulled these for the next thing. Or maybe I should say for ONE of the next things. It might not be the very next, but I've got a plan for these!

I also quilted and bound Avery's little doll quilt.

And now....

I'm knitting!

And it's not over yet! Another day off tomorrow!

I hope you're having a wonderfully enjoyable weekend yourself!


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ready! Set! Sew!!

I'm starting a four day weekend the best way possible! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

I hope you're loved too!

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Little Bit of Maria....

on Monday.

Maria P Oliver, that is. Make a little more progress! I also made a little progress on "THE CLOOOOOUUUUUD" aka And They Sinned, but I won't bore you with a pic just yet!

What did you work on today?


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Weekend Rundown And A Doll Quilt For Avery....

Are you having a great weekend? I certainly am! I kicked off the weekend by loading up some handwork....

and headed out to Twyla's for our repro group get together. Always a grand time, I worked on quilt binding, yacked, and laughed. Not necessarily in that order!

Twyla had finished machine quilting a quilt for me....

so I came home with another for the 'needs binding' pile!

Saturday was spent mostly with the hubs...lunching...shopping....and then home for some knitting. Except I wasn't liking what I was seeing come off the needles.

Bleck! This Spirit Trailworks Sunna was not looking as wonderful as it should in this pattern. Not enjoying the way the colors were settling, I ripped the whole thing out and went in search of a new pattern.

And I found it!

I worked on it this morning and yes....This is working much better for me!

This afternoon I decided it was time to go down and take care of that quilt in progress!

and succeeded!

Another quilt top done! 30s and a Westminster print....such fun color, it was a joy to work on!

and with the leftovers....

a doll quilt for Avery!

I hope you're enjoying an equally enjoyable weekend! I'm off to knit...and stitch! Happy Sunday!


Thursday, February 09, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

It's Thrifty Thursday and I finally have a little find to share! I either haven't felt like traipsing thru the thrift shops or have traipsed thru them and found nothing, but this week I did bring a little treasure home!

Who doesn't love blue and white? and sugar bowls?

I was willing to pay the price for this beauty in excellent condition! Not even a flea bite.

I may use it to hold sugar when I have my spot of Earl Grey. Wouldn't that be the English thing to do?

I'm not sure what the pattern is, but will see what I can find out! I'd love to find some matching pieces!

Did you find any trinkets or treasure this week?


Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Knitting Is Complete!

The Guernsey Wrap that I started on New Years Day is done!

Well...I should say all the knitting is done! I really REALLY loved working with the Shelter yarn. So springy and that rustic tweedy effect....LOVE! And I taught myself the sewn bind off method and WOW! I love that too!

So all that's left is to block it! I best be hurrying up and getting some blocking wires!

Excited to have this done!


Sunday, February 05, 2012

Samplers On Sunday!

Today is the Sunday of full 'samplers-in-progress' disclosure!

Is thirteen too many?

Very glad to have this one started. I know it's not going to be done any time soon, but I'll enjoy the process! Remind me I said that in 2 years or so!

A January start, I've always loved the color in this one and I don't think it will take too long before it's done and ready to frame!

My 2012 new year's day start, I love working with silks and already have his mate, Frederika, kitted, though not started. He's quite stitch intensive, so this one won't be a quick one, but I'll definitely be on a mission to get him done this year!

How could I have forgotten about Martha?? I was stunned when I was sifting through kitted projects for my January starts, to unearth her! Lovely Vikki Clayton silks are there and I stitched one motif. And then it slipped into the realm of the forgotten samplers! But no more! I'll be spending some time with Martha!

Thomas...Thomas Thomas Thomas....I started him late last year. Maybe he'll be ready to frame by turkey day this year!

Another "oh my gosh I totally forgot about this one" is the Abigail Brown Sampler! I LOVE this sampler so much and am glad to have rediscovered her in the pile! You'll be seeing more of her!

EEEEEK! Faith Hope & Honor....and Vintage Navy Bean...and silks. With the heavy stitching, this one could be another that I at least attempt to put one or two lengths in a week. Every little bit helps! I've always loved this one!

Oh Sarah.....I couldn't ditch you. You may remember that Paulette and I started Sarah as our New Years sampler start...oh......back in 2010. And it wasn't long before we were bored with her and decided to pitch her. But I couldn't do it. The colors...the finished pic...I just couldn't toss her into File 13. Instead I cast her aside...but I'm resurrecting her this year! We'll see how much attention she gets.

Maria was another January start and I can say she's almost done! One day of vacation, non-stop streaming of Downton Abbey and this is what I ended up with! That was a glorious day!

Clearly I fell off of my 'one-page-a-month' goal with SDW, but will definitely be working consistently to get caught up and see some more progress on this beauty!

Sure to be another 'slowly but surely' sampler project, I did work on this one this past week! The cloud...oh the cloud. I keep a needle threaded and put in a length here and there when I'm just sitting. I don't think it will take too long to move on from the cloud!
::fingers crossed::

This was another January start and I think it will be a rather easy one to finish in a short amount of time. A very pleasant stitch with that linen, I'll be sure and pick this one up often!

and then there was Lucretia. *SIGH* Lucretia drew me in with her color and her playfulness. I ordered her....kitted her...was excited to start her. And then......I actually looked at the thing. QUEEN STITCH. Lots and LOTS and LOTS of queen stitch...almost the entire border. I thought about trying to rechart it...to change it to something other than queen stitch. But...I don't think it's to be. Now the question is whether I want to tackle all. that. queen. stitch.
or not.
Lucretia is the only one in danger of not seeing time under my needle.

So...there you have it! The complete rundown!
I think I'll revamp the blog layout a bit and post a running list.
If they stay out there in front of me in one form or another, I'll be more prone to work on all of them! At one time or another. In one year or another! ;o)

What do you have started? Care to join me in the full disclosure?
I'd love to know I'm not alone in this!

and now....I think I'll knit.


Wednesday, February 01, 2012