Thursday, January 19, 2012

Thrifty Thursday!

Not the normal fodder for Thrifty Thursday but it's keeping it real! I troll for nice denim shirts....and this is my most recent $2.50 acquisition in action today! Do you realize how many denim shirts are on the thrift store racks !? Lots! And I love 'em! What did you discover thrifting this week?


regan said...

6 shirts for cutting up for quilting, and 2 more wool sweaters for felting! Yay! I love my little thrift store for clothing.....I just need to find one now that has all the 'other' stuff! I'm so jealous when I see all your treasures!

Margaret said...

I love denim shirts! Yum! And what a price!

Cathy Lloyd said...

You and Jay Leno with the denim shirts! Great deal! I can never throw out denim...might need it someday for a quilt! LOL!