Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Head In The Clouds

Yesterday was spent mostly with my head in the clouds. or should I say CLOUD, singular.

The mammoth cloud of And They Sinned.

It sure doesn't look like it would take that long to lay the groundwork.

or should that be laying the skywork? I thought I would do the big outline of the cloud. And then I'll stitch the motifs that are inside the clouds.

And all that will be left will be the fill-in.

Lots and lots of fill-in! But it has to be done!

Today I'm setting it aside, and picking up the knitting needles, the dust rag, and possibly making a trip down to the quilt den to cut out the next quilt while I get the laundry going! It's a multi-tasking Saturday!!

What's on your creative agenda for the day?



Margaret said...

lol! Yeah that cloud! Ugh! Looks like you're doing it the logical way, as opposed to me, who did it the illogical way. :D I've been working on ATS too. I have to tackle the Bleeping tree now next to the angel and A&E. I don't know why I love A&Es. I hate stitching the trees. lol! But at least I have the angel done! (Can't wait to see that quilt. Such pretty fabrics!)

carol fun said...

You are getting there. Every stitch is one more than you had before - that's what I tell myself. I found this same sampler in my UFO basket and I have to say I do want to finish it someday, but first I'm concentrating on finishing my BBD AoH - so many big samplers, so little time. Hope your Saturday was super productive!

Laurie in Iowa said...

There seems to be a resurgence in the stitching of ATS... so many working on this big, beautiful sampler. It's in my stitching basket for 2013.
Today I've spent many happy hours in the stitching chair. I do move around a bit, especially when the sun is shining. So the pups and I took two nice long walks today.
Looking forward to seeing the latest quilt project.

Cathy Lloyd said...

bOO...I had to work no creativity for me. Sounds like you are handling your 'aloneness' just fine! Your ATS is coming along fabby...sorry about the fill in, but you could take it anywhere, stitch and run your mouth at the same time and not have to frog!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

I remember that cloud. It seemed to take FOREVER. But, you'll get it done and then it's smooth sailing.

Looking forward to seeing your quilt!