Sunday, January 08, 2012

Challenge, you say?

CHALLENGE - noun. Dare - Defiance - Provocation

Laurie over at Corgi Cottage spoke of a January challenge today
. Starting a new project each Sunday in the month of January. Am I crazy? The idea actually appeals to me! 4 new starts in the new year.

I considered Laurie's post a provocation and immediately acted.

I started Maria P Oliver today. Simple enough...nothing too over the top. I'll save that for NEXT week's start! ha!

And yet another challenge entered my inbox this week! Sheri over at The Loopy Ewe has challenges each quarter. I sat idly by last year...not participating. But this year I decided "Why the heck NOT!" This first quarter challenge is easy enough...purchase your yarn prior to January 6, and knit something---anything---and be finished by April 4.

I caked up a ball of Sunna by Spirit Trail the Antique Tapestry colorway....

and cast on this scarf this evening. I've got the 19 knit rows done. And a little over two months to complete it. Another provocation....another project begun.

I figure what's a few more projects...really? I mean, you can't finish if you don't start!!



Laurie in Iowa said...

Yeay... I'm so glad you'll be playing along Kim. Love your first choice of January.

Chris said...

Great starts Kim!

Margaret said...

Oh fun! I love Maria P. Oliver -- another one I need to stitch! And the scarf too -- should be fun!

woolwoman said...

Kim you are NOT going to believe this but I almost pushed the button on that exact same yarn - the Antique Tapestry colorway just sang to me. However I've been coveting this wonderful cable rib scarf out of the Shibui Luxury book called Elinor and it uses Silk Cloud and Baby Alpaca stranded together - pure bliss I tell you. I ordered Friday and my yarn is in the box today - Sheri and TLE is one class act. Can't wait to see your project materialize and good luck on the 4/4 finish. Glad you accepted that challenge - I must have not seen Lauries challenge - better go back and look for that one. Cheers Mel

Melissa said...

Yay for new starts! I miss the old days of Guilt Free January from the TWBB. Start as many things as you want from Jan. 1-Jan. 31st. Fun, fun, fun. Of course I have a bucket of WIP from those good old days still waiting to be finished!

Love the colors in your scarf!