Wednesday, December 14, 2011

While I've Been Gone....

we had a birthday!!

Yes it's true! Can you believe that Mr. JJ turned one! 12/11/10 was his birthdate....Sunday we celebrated a year! Luckily he was feeling just fine, having underwent some surgery on Thursday. Poor little guy has suffered with reflux and many, many ear infections, bronchial issues etc since he was born. But we hope he's all better now!

He certainly enjoyed his cupcake!

Happy Birthday sweet Mr. JJ!

In the meantime, you've probably noticed the Quilt Blog Hop going on! If not, check out this post and join in the fun! I love that there are new friends dropping by the blog! So exciting!

Christmas baking will ensue shortly! And oh yeah...those stockings....still the stockings!!

Hope you're having a wonderful week!



KathieB said...

Looks like Mr. JJ knows his way around a cupcake. I like a man who eats with gusto.

mac said...

He certainly looks happy. Cupcakes will do that to a fella :-)

Margaret said...

Happy birthday to JJ! That's scary about his surgery - but it's done now which is good! Hope he and everyone in your family has a merry Christmas!

Catherine said...

Oh my gosh! A year already! How cute is he!?!

Sherry :o) said...

Happy birthday to the chocolate, happy sweet boy!!