Sunday, November 27, 2011

I Love Long Weekends!

What's not to love about an extra long weekend? I reveled in the fact that I had four days off and feel like I got quite a bit done!

There was stealth knitting....

that I cannot show you because it's a gifty-gift for someone that could drop in and spy! But I got this project about 1/3 done! wooohooo!

There was also stealth quilt piecing...

on two projects! Both completed! I'll be able to show more of these in a couple weeks. Once they're 'unveiled' at my civil war small group! Until then...they have to stay under wraps!

But I can show you this!

woohooo! 2 x 2 rib on the second Cowboys sock. And speaking of the 'bout them COWBOYS! Quite a thriller on turkey day!

And I can also show you this....

I've played around a bit today with these. They are leftover nine patches from the nine patch quilt I put together at the recent quilt retreat. There were LOTS of nine patches leftover! I LOVE when that happens...a big headstart on a quilt..just like that! I hope to have this one put together this week!

Also on tap this week.....making some new Christmas stockings! Dear daughter asked this weekend if she could please have the patchwork stockings we've had since the kids were little. I've got mixed emotions about handing them over. They were crudely pieced...back when I very first started quilting. But there are only 5...and the family is growing with grandbabies and significant others. So I could use this as a motivator to make 9 new stockings. It's not like it's December or anything, right? ha! We'll see!

I hope you had a wonderfully long weekend!

Tomorrow is Monday! Are you ready?



KathieB said...

Stealth knitting? Me too. And stealth quilting too. Hope there is time to get it all done.

Margaret said...

Nice! Lots and lots of fun stuff you worked on, I can tell! And yes, you should go for 9 new stockings. :D

Tolentreasures said...

Ditto on the long weekends and with the onset of PA deer season, I also have today off! Woohoo! I have been stealth crafting also, just didn't know what to call it, I love that term! I think that you and I are on the same wavelength, I started four stockings last night for my youngest's family (4) and my oldest came in and wanted to know when I was making some for her family also (4), plus two new babies that need stocking for here, that makes TEN! Why don't I do this sooner?

Charlene ♥ SC said... stockings! I feel your sentiment, BUT don't you love that the heirlooms have started their path through the generations? And the new ones will be the memories of the grands. It makes my heart sing for you! Oh, Monday was yuck, and Tuesday is starting out just as bad!!

Jennifer said...

Oh yes! How about them Cowboys! Back on top and first in the divison.

Love those socks! I'd be more than happy to give them a loving home!

Shesquilting said...

Great blog- I will be back!!! I'm in SD too- right about in the middle- where are you?