Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

How perfect is it that part of the quilt retreat weekend involved junkin' and antiqueing!?!?! And is there any better place to find some deals than small-town America? I was so excited to find this for $2.50!

A little covered jar in the Mason's Fruit Basket pattern! I have a couple other pieces in this transferware and I LOOOOOVE it, so I was quite giddy when I saw this on a shelf! It still has some sticky residue that needs removed, but I think it will clean up nicely!

It's one of those patterns that I could definitely get in to collecting and displaying. I love the brown with the it!

I picked up another great find while I was retreating, but it's seasonal, so I'll wait until the season to share! And besides, I've already got it boxed up and stored, and forgot to take a pic! So you'll have to wait until Christmas decorating begins!!

And my fellow retreater and pal, Kay, who is a mean AVID new milk glass collector, found this for me when she was out hunting!

A gloriously big glass pear! Hmmmm....wonder what I'll do with this? ha! I see a mercury glass pear in my future! Thanks, Kay! :o)

So those are this week's thrifty finds! Have you found something wonderful lately?



Anonymous said...

rabid?!?!?! hmmm pot meet kettle.

Cari said...

Love the glass pear...too much fun !!!