Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Look what came home last night!

Less than five bucks spent.

The bluebird of happiness...

too cute! I picked up the cardinal version a while back as well! Beautiful little glass birds. They're handmade in Arkansas! I only know this because they both had labels on them and when I looked up the info, it took me here!
Aren't they sweet?

And this cute little glass pumpkin!

The smaller version of the one I turned into faux mercury glass earlier this year! Guess what I'll be doing!?

And I love the character of this little accent mirror.

Seems I can always find just the right little spot to hang a small mirror!

Speaking of mirrors......where did I put that Looking Glass spray paint? I've got a lil' pumpkin and I'm gonna need it!

Happy thrifting!



Margaret said...

My sister gave me a glass bluebird once. It's not from Arkansas though. :D Nice finds!

valerie said...

Great finds! I love all of them!

Jan said...

I really like the mirror! Wouldn't an area of a wall of little, found mirrors be cool?

Anne said...

Omy gosh! I'm in love with that little mirror! The birdie and pumpkin are adorable as well. I love finding great stuff for cheap!!