Monday, October 10, 2011

Cooler With A Chance of Knitting

The knitting is in my lap this evening.

The temps are a bit cooler...still not our 'normal', but above normal is still fine with me in October! I'm watching baseball (Go Rangers!!) and then will switch over to cheer for the Bears....because I can't cheer for the Lions. It's that whole 'grudge' thing I've got going.

Hope you're having a pleasant evening!



Catherine said...

Love the color of your knitting!

Erin in MI said...

We are having a lovely evening, thank you :) I'm about to wrap up on the computer, pull out my knitting (afghan) and root for those UNDEFEATED LIONS!!! Yeah baby!!!

woolwoman said...

beautiful knitting but I need details??? Is this some of your beloved bugga stash? Lovely! Mel