Thursday, September 08, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Last weekend we hit up two flea markets in the Spirit Lake/Okoboji Iowa area. It was the perfect day for flea marketing! We ran into my pal, Twyla, and just had an all around lovely day!

Although it was fun, a lot of the dealers knew what treasures they had and so there wasn't a lot of deals to be had. But I did manage to find a few!

I've got a little collection of wooden mashers happening in the kitchen, so was happy to bring home a couple more! I also scored that little pottery honey pot for a buck-fifty! know...I collect pottery honey pots. Sssshhhh....I know, I know! And speaking of collecting, do you see that lovely little Purinton Apple slip ware pitcher! My friend, Kathie, has quite the collection of this colorful ware, and I wouldn't help myself when I saw that cute little pitcher! A new collection perhaps!

I picked up these old spools and bobbins...

and they've taken their rightful place in a big ol' antique basket in the quilt den.

And remember when I posted the "I-Am-Not-A-Hoarder-So-Take-My-White-Creamers-Pitchers-Please" post? Well...the creamers DID sell, but I did keep one little ironstone creamer for myself that I couldn't bear to part with. and LOOK!

I found a big sister milk pitcher to keep my vintage ironstone creamer company! Lest you think I'm off my rocker, and am just restocking the white pitchers, be assured I only intend to amass a few very nice vintage ironstone pitchers....not just any ol' white or off-white creamer that comes along gets to come home. Because, you know...I am not a hoarder! ;o)

Speaking of not being a hoarder, I'll be replenishing the Etsy shop in the next week or so with found treasure! I promise not to take this blog to an infomercial status, but will let you know when things have been stocked! Etsy is cheaper than opening my own vintage/antique shop/booth! So we'll go with it for now!

As always, thanks for stopping by! Happy Thursday and Happy Thrifting!



Catherine said...

Great finds!! Love the spools, bobbins and your white pitchers!!

Sherry :o) said...

The spools and bobbins are the bomb!! Love them...your other finds look fun too - and just walking around flea markets is interesting to me.

Congrats to your quilt topper winner, Deborah, look forward to seeing it finished by her.