Friday, September 23, 2011

Thrifty Thursday on Friday!

Did you think I forgot?? Again?? Nah....I wouldn't do that! Truth is last week I didn't even go thrifting so had nothing to share with you! And then this week I've been fighting a cold so didn't feel like doing much of anything yesterday, let alone update my blog. Bad me! is a new day and it's Thrifty Thursday On Friday!!

I made one stop this week and home came these lovely plates.

They'll look lovely on my blue/white plate wall. Already had the plate hangers on them and I just loved them! No markings so I'm not sure of the pattern or maker.

And always pottery....

always. Do you see that? Another candlestick! I left another one at the G'Willy' was 80s blue...which just brings up bad memories of wooden geese with hearts and bows and blue and mauve and I just couldn't go back there! See! I really CAN show restraint!


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Margaret said...

Loooove those plates!!! Show off your blue and white wall sometime please. I'd like one of those. :D