Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back InThe Saddle

Wow! Where did I go?? A week squandered! No Thrifty Thursday....No posts...nada...nothing...zilch.

But I salvaged the weekend!

I had some Bernina issues but it's back in the quilt den and I took my place back in the saddle!

All the blocks are pieced and pressed! Now to just assemble!

And this evening I took care of another piece of produce...

two Pumpkin Heads complete! Dare I say this one may be complete PRIOR to the season it celebrates?

Also back in the saddle....Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys with their impressive OT win today! Wooohooo!!

We're back......we're back in the saddle again! At least for this weekend!



Laurie in Iowa said...

Glad to hear you're 'back in the saddle' again. I can't imagine you away from your Bernina for long.
Love the BOAF piece. Looks like we'll be celebrating a finish soon.

Margaret said...

Glad the Bernina is home and you're back to sewing again. Lovely blocks. Love the two pumkinheads too.

Sherry :o) said...

Looks like you have a project in the waiting with all those pressed, stacked and ready-to-go squares. Can't wait to see the finished result - on that and the two pumpkins!

Cindy said...

your quilt is looking great...looking forward to seeing it the pumpkins too!

Jennifer said...

Wooohoo! is right! I don't think I could have faced listening to my DH if the "Dead"skins were 2-0 and we were 0-2. Thank goodness we pulled that one out!

Love the new blocks!