Friday, August 26, 2011

Of Laps & Lids

I found myself in a conundrum last evening....

applique? knit? stitch? AAAACK! Couldn't decide. I let them all sit in my lap for a bit while I pondered.

And then my mind wandered (as it sometimes does) to these...

out on the kitchen table...waiting for their overhaul. So I set aside the lap content and traipsed out to the backyard....spray paints in hand.

I'll spare you the boring details....but it was about a 3 step process of black paint....steel wool....too shiny...BriWax....rubbed off too much red. Called it a night. This morning....sprayed another coat of red...went to work....came home at lunch and sprayed a poly coat....

and walaaaah.

lid overhaul complete! I like the touch of distressing that remains. I re-read it appears I did NOT spare you the boring details. But consider that a Cliffs Notes version of the overhaul.

Do they still make Cliff Notes? Do kids still USE Cliff Notes?

My wanders.

Now...where was I?

applique? knit? stitch?



Sherry :o) said...

love the overhaul on the lids.

cliffnotes are a little by the wayside, they use sparknotes (I think they are on-line and in bookstores (my son just had some on the "suggested" list for his first college classes).

Margaret said...

lol! You're so funny! I love how the jar lids came out. Fantastic! So have you decided yet? :D

Rachael xxx said...

Stitch!! Great job on those lids