Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Definitely a thrifty week!

It's stop....$2.92 was spent.

Five items were purchased!

This great Oneida Wicker Sugar and Creamer set! Nary a fleck, chip or crack! Must pay to be a smiling patron among the grump G'Willy shoppers today. The gal charged me .50 for each piece since they were unmarked!

Loved the color on this handpainted Noritake creamer! Again...two quarters!

and my 'big ticket item' of the week....

a celery vase/spooner for .75! In excellent shape with no damage! Wooohoo! You can also catch a glimpse of a tomato pincushion that was also .50!

$2.92 and some lovely pieces! Have you thrifted lately?



Margaret said...

Great bargains!

Edgar said...

You got some great pieces!!!

Julie M said...

Great finds! Love the white pieces!

regan said...

Sweet little vases and creamers! You hit the jackpot again!

Deb said...

More great finds Kim! I haven't been doing much thrifting at all, but my sister is coming in tomorrow and we're going to hit the open road. I'm hoping there are some things out there with my name on them!!

mdgtjulie said...

Nice finds. Grats on the acquisitions!! I don't thrift very often as there aren't many stores by me, and I spend most of my extra money on stash!!!