Friday, July 29, 2011

The Excitement Builds!

Have you seen this??

Oh the excitement is building! I cannot wait for this release from Blackbird Designs!

I've got some on order....they'll be here near the end of August! If you'd like to reserve a copy...Pre-Order, if you will, leave me a note! I'll be passing these along to my sampler-lovin' friends for $25 ppd US!

I've got time to sort linen and threads know, just to get a handle on what I have vs what I will need!

Speaking do you organize your linens and threads? Uber orderly? Tossed in a tin? I'm not very organized. I'll admit it. Gone are the days when I would wind threads around the little cards and file by number. Now my DMC is in a huge biscuit finer threads are in ziplocks..grouped together for projects, as I tend to order silks by the project. And my linen is in a picnic basket.

What about your stash? Spill on your organizing techniques!



Joanie said...

I store my linen in an old dresser. Fabric earmarked for a project are labeled with the project's name, count, manufacturer and fabric name. My unkitted fabric is identified by manufacturer, name, size and count. My DMC are in floss bags if I've started a skein and if not they are in those organizers used to sort nuts and bolts. My silks and overdyes are on floss rings hung on the inside of the closet door so they aren't in the light. I've got kitted project fibers on their own rings in the closet too. Gosh, I sound OCD.

Oh and yes, please reserve or pre-order me a BBD book. I drooled when I read the post. Let me know when and how you want paid for it. Thanks, Kim!

Laurie in Iowa said...

I store my linen on pants hangers, the kind with the rubber coated clips, and hang in my stash closet. I label the linen with type, Lakeside, etc., color and count.
I store silk in floss away bags. I have an old DMC cabinet, the kind with the pull out drawers with plastic dividers, that I use to store DMC. Weeks and Gast are stored on those enormous DMC metal rings.

Yes, please put me down for a pre-order of the new BBD book. I can't wait to see it in person.

mdgtjulie said...

My floss is mostly organized. I have sets of floss bags (some I made of Ziploc bags, and some are actually floss bags) with a bobbin on them saying what number to what number are on that set of rings. They are all in order. I also have a Hobby Lobby bag with floss that needs to be put away. There is not a lot in there. Maybe thirty skeins? Most of my floss is on bobbins at this point. Fabby is less organized. It's all in the same drawer, except for a couple of pieces that didn't fit. But it is a fairly small drawer, so I can go through it quickly. Charts are organized (sort of) into file folders, and what doesn't fit in the file folders (I had a limited number available) is in a nice little magazine rack. Kits are in a huge bin, stacked on top of my documents file folder next to my desk.

Erin in MI said...

Oh my gosh. I've got all my evenweaves in a dresser drawer - and it's starting to overflow! I try to organize them by stitch count - one pile for 28 count and larger, the other pile for 30 count and smaller....but it doesn't always work.

I've got all my DMC in snack ziploc baggies by number, then on rings by the 100's...all the 300's on one ring, but one baggie for each DMC number. Make sense?? Then they are all in an oversized drawer in my built-in closet - it works out great. The extra room in the drawer is taken up by the gallon-size baggie of specialty threads I have (silks, overdyes, wools...).

When I'm working on a project, I still use the cardboard bobbins, even after 25 years of stitching. I'm uber organized that way. I get all 'itchy' if I have to paw through a bunch of stuff to find the one thing I'm looking for..

Great question!!

Erin in MI said...

Oh yeah!! I forgot about my charts! I recently had to purchase a 4-drawer filing cabinet, as I had outgrown my 2-drawer. I keep them in hanging files sorted either by designer or by genre, whichever makes the most sense to me for each chart. Since I don't have too many people pawing through my stash, it doesn't have to make sense to anyone but me!! LOL

woolwoman said...

Kim just so you know you are not alone in your chaotic disorganization - I am the worse - I always dream of having a beautifully organized wool room and my rug hooking stuff is mostly confined in an huge antique cabinet with tin inserts - I have a couple of large baskets under and around it where WIP wool is being housed and of course my chair and frame sit in the corner next to the huge red cupboard. My vast yarn stash is mainly confined to the closet in my wool room - full bags and bags still in factory packing are on shelves in the closet and on the top shelf. Of course I have WIP/UFO in tote bags all over the place.LOL Stitching - is out of control - I have umpteen huge totes full of charts and kits - I have two DMC floss cabinets that are empty because I am too lazy apparently to figure out a place to put them and put something in them. My linen is still folded in the bag it was delivered in unless the project has been started - cringe - yes I know that is bad bad - I have a friend who stores her linen in a huge sweater type box under the bed with acid free paper between each sheet - eecckk - I'm not that anal but i did like Laurie's suggestion of using the pants hangers - I do have some needlepoint canvases hanging like that. For 3 years ever since I moved into this house and now have my own toy room - I have wanted to get organized but do I take the time- NO - I work full time so when I am home - I just want to stitch knit or hook. enjoy your weekend - Mel PS how's the jared flood scarf coming?

Deb said...

I'm really organized but it took me a long time to get there. My DMC threads are stored 4 colors to a drawer in hardware cases (you know the ones that men use on their workbenches for nails, etc), my charts are all in three ring binders in plastic sleeves alphabetized by designer and then chart name, my kits are stored in a bin (okay, bins), and I roll my fabrics, label them and tie in a roll with yarn and store in a bin that slides under my bead. My other threads (GAST, NPI, etc.) are in Floss Away bags and stored in photo boxes (the cheap ones from Joanne's).

And I think that I need one of those books too! Put me down for one.

Cathy said...

That book looks lovely, if you have any leftover let me know!! xo