Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Into June

When I wasn't blogging regularly, or thrifting regularly, or quilting regularly, I also wasn't stitching regularly! UGH! I hate those funks! But I'm out of it now and am back to SDW.

Unfortunately my page 5 for May did not get completed, but luckily May fades right into June, in more ways than one! The page 6 for June is really less than 1/3 of a page, so I'll get all caught up for certain!

No stress...just a loosely self-imposed deadline for myself to keep on track! Do you adhere to a strict stitching schedule? or do you just stitch all willy-nilly?


Monday, May 30, 2011

Mixing Things Up and Making Do

I did some more cutting o'the fabric strips....

these are for quilt #2.

I also played with some yeast yesterday...

and I must say...these were DELICIOUS! If you love soft pretzels...well...just go HERE and make these. Super easy...and the Jakester and I polished them off about 10:30 last night!

I worked on piecing quilt #1 as far as I could go for now...

I ran out of fabrics. I knew I was going to, and was lucky enough to find some more of the blue online from a "OOP fabric seller". It's on the way to save the day! I'm improvising on the background...just because. Oh the joys of working from a stash...or should I say the joys of purchasing fabric with no end result in mind! Mixing things up and making do.....in the kitchen and the quilting den. It's what I do! At least I did this long weekend!

I hope you've had a great Memorial Day weekend as well!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday...So Far

Flowers have been planted...

a lovely array.

And herb pots were also planted!

I think it all will look lovely once it starts really growing!

2x2 ribbing has begun for a second sock!

And I've been playing with the fabric stash...

and am thinking of starting two new quilts this long holiday weekend!

GASP! What? ME??? Two quilts going at one time? EEEEK! So not me. I don't like having unfinished quilt projects. So that just means I'll be FINISHING the piecing of two quilt tops at one time as well! ;o)

That's my Saturday so far!


Friday, May 27, 2011

An Appointment With The Dirt

Happy Friday!! We are on the verge of a long holiday weekend! Wooohooo!

I've got an appointment with the dirt tomorrow! We have a brick planting box thing out in front of our house.....I usually fill it with 2 colors of petunias or some such thing.

This year I'm going in a different direction...or at least that's the plan!
I want a big mix of different flowers, plants and colors!

I've been looking online for some inspiration.
The planter is sun most of the day, but it is in the shade some of the day as well.

I think a mix will do well!

I'll post some pics later this weekend after I've dug all the dirt out from under my nails!


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Back to thrifty goods! Just a couple breakables this week!

A little footed glass....I love these to hold the antique sugar shells and baby spoons I collect!

The next piece I loved. Even though it was crazy chipped.

Lots of crazing inside and out, and I LOVED the lion heads on either side...

it will work lovely with my blue and white china collection!

It's easy for me to excuse it's 'not pristine' condition...I embrace the chips...the crazing...the age. It looks like it as a story to tell!

So that's what I blew $3.50 on this week!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Look What Hubs Found Last Week!

Last week the hubs played 'thrifting scout' and look what he found!

He was working on a building that just HAPPENS to house a small thrift shop. He popped in and then called me at the office. "I think you need to stop down here." He described a 'wicker trunk that looks old on the outside but is brand new on the inside' and kept saying he thought I would like it.....that he would spring for the $50 if I wanted it...and so on. He was quite persistent.

So I stopped down. And LOVED it! You can't see, but it has four fabulous oversized bun feet. Solid and sturdy, obviously a decent piece of furniture! It fit perfectly in the back of my wannabe SUV. And found it's spot easily in the living room!

The hubs is taking well to the 'thrifting scout' role. I love this piece!


Sunday, May 22, 2011

What I've Been Up To...

You know how it's sometimes hard to get back to something after you've been away? But you've got to start somewhere? Well...that's what I'm doing...starting somewhere! I need my blogging mojo back!

Here's what I've been up to the past few weeks....

I've been eating very well.....it IS morel mushroom season, after all! Such a treat!

And I've been catching a whiff...

smelling the roses every now and then!

And knitting a little....

Finally the Green w/Envy socks are done!

My second ever completed pair.

I wore them yesterday. And they didn't fall apart, so all is well! Of course the fact that I had the need to wear wool & cashmere socks in late May is whole other conversation!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nothing To See Here....

no really....there's nothing to see here! ;o) I apologize for my little hiatus! Have I mentioned that I accepted a promotion at the office and am back to a full-time work schedule? It's true.....I'm going in the wrong direction! Or as it seems the past couple weeks, I'm going in EVERY direction!

Hope to have my wits about me and be back to regular blogging now! Thanks for the concern over my brief silent period!

Be back with a 'regular' post soon!


Saturday, May 07, 2011

I See Green!

Today was a glorious day! Sunshine! Temps in the low 70s! Aaaaah.....loved it! Finally! I am seeing green! The grass lives! Now to see and smell the lilacs that surround the house.

Feeling all warm and springy, I decided to bake...

Chewy Lime Sugar Cookies with Toasted Coconut. Okay....yum!! So easy and so good!

And speaking of lime...and green....

almost ready for the toe decrease!

Green really hasn't been a favorite color of mine, but I'm lovin' it right now!


Sunday, May 01, 2011

Not Much Going On Around Here....

Just me and my needles.....knitting.....I'm almost done with this one down to the toe. (ETA: The yarn is Merino Cashmere Sock from Fiberphile...in the Envy colorway. Can be found here!) Then I'll have three socks (ahem...not matching), ready for the kitchener stitch. Yes...I am slow with the sock knitting. I think I get distracted with sampler stitching.....and quilting......and rug hooking....and...and...and.

But for now....I'm knitting!