Saturday, April 23, 2011


Today's been a day of trade-offs, and I think I've been on the winning end!

Daughter needed to run some errands, and I had a long grocery list to tackle. Sooo...she agreed to do my grocery shopping...IF...

I would entertain Mr. JJ while she did her other errands!

No problem!

We had a great time! Mr. JJ has had quite the time of late.

Seems he has a wicked case of reflux....and after many hospital stays and doctor visits, it's beginning to come under control.

In the meantime, I've assured him that bibs are a most sophisticated fashion accessory for the well-dressed 4 month old. Such a cutie!

And these were delivered to my kitchen...

Put one in the "WIN" column for me!

Sunshine is non-existent today. This does not make me happy.


earlier this week the hubs and I celebrated out anniversary, and he spoiled me with several bouquets of flowers.

I've got them strategically placed around the house.

The colors brighten my day since there is no sun! Another good trade-off!

Now I'm heading out to the kitchen for some prep work and pre-Easter dinner cooking! The trade-off.....a more relaxed holiday tomorrow!

Happy Saturday!



Margaret said...

I definitely think you got the good end of the deal. :D Although if I were the mom, I'd think the other way. lol! Poor JJ with his reflux. So young to be dealing with such things! Such blue eyes! Glad you got the kid for a while. Happy Easter!

Laurie in Iowa said...

You definitely got the better end of the deal. I'm so sorry that JJ has been so ill. Hope he'll stay on the road to recovery. Enjoy your Easter.

KathieB said...

We had a bit of sun today and almost 60 degrees. Actually got out and looked and amazingly enough--spring growth is popping up. So while we were looking at snow fall this past week, spring was sort of happening. Yay.

Cari said...

Oh you got the best part of the deal for sure!! Mr. JJ is adorable. You must just love him to pieces. DARLING child. Have a happy Easter Kim. Hugs

mac said...

I have neighbors stealing my Lillies right now ! It just slips right to summer down here.

JJ is a beautiful baby :-)

Dianne said...

My oldest had reflux and it is a nightmare! Hugs and here's hoping that they figure it out soon! It's definitely miserable for both baby and parents!

merumo said...

Who can resist that extremely innocent look of Mr. JJ!? He is adorable! But I see a bad side of taking care of him is your needle won't move as fast as you wish. And what a great find of your new quilt book! Your DH hit a jackbox!!