Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Yes! It's Thrifty Thursday....for another 21 minutes anyway! The day got away from me, and honestly I didn't have any finds until after work this evening! My usual haunt has left me empty-handed, so this evening I took the long way home (kinda) and stopped at a different G'Willy's and found a few things!

$6.36 later...I was on my way home! Here's what accompanied me home this evening!

You know I can't pass up old dishes....fifty cents a piece and these lovelies went in the cart.

And...what would a Thrifty Thursday be without some pottery? :o)

This is imprinted "olson" and was $3. It's super heavy...and I love the glaze! A nice piece to add to the collection!

And for a buck,

I can add another glass lidded jar to the sewing room! I love putting buttons in these little buggers.

So the third time out this week was the charm. I was beginning to grow concerned there were no more treasures to be found! ha!



Theodora quilts said...

Nice finds as always ,love those dishes !!

Cari said...

The cup and saucer are my favorite and the glass lidded jar is a close second! Have a great weekend !

Margaret said...

Very nice! I love teacups and saucers! And that lidded jar is too cool -- love the shape and size!

Deb said...

Love the thrifty stuff Kim, especially the tea cup and saucer. Reminds me of the ones my grandmother had. And love the glass lidded jar too - perfect for buttons.