Thursday, April 07, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

Hello and Happy Thursday!! Just a couple finds to share this week! Earlier I happened upon a 1/2 off sale at the St Vincent DePaul thrift store. I don't usually stop by this particular store, but the hubs and I were out for lunch one day and happened in.

I found this!

First the subject matter caught my eye. And then the fact that it was an earthy ceramic pottery piece, well...that was another plus!

And I was intrigued by the artist.

So I bought it.

It was marked $2, so I paid a buck. Victoria Littlejohn is the artist. Apparently a known mid-century modern ceramics artist. I've already got my eye on a couple more of these vegetable tiles! Love!

And for another buck after discount...

I couldn't pass up this large wire basket. I'd say from someone's old deep freeze. Loved the color.

It's already put to use in the quilt den!

Thanks everyone for the input on last week's "What Is It?" An individual creamer and butter pat dish has now been identified! I've got another interesting piece to show and get your opinion on what it is, but I'll save that for another time!

Have a wonderful day, and as always, thanks so much for dropping by!



Margaret said...

Love the wire basket! So much fun! (I'll take the quilt top too. lol!) Nice veggie tile too! You always find good things.

Shelly said...

I have a Victoria Littlejohn too! Mine's is a Victorian house. It has a leather hanger on it but could do duty as a trivet. Some pieces of Littlejohn ceramics can be worth some money. When I saw the picture of your piece, I knew immediately who it was! Enjoy it!

Julie M said...

Wonderful finds! I love Thrifty Thursday!

Deb said...

More great finds Kim! I like the veggie tile too - would be nice to have them lined on the wall in a kitchen.

And missed your post on your hair. Love it!! Especially that little extra in there. I think you need more of that. Funky and fun!!

Alice ~ Folk Art Primitives said...

LOve your wire basket! I use them in my hooking room for patterns and wool!!