Monday, April 11, 2011

How Do You Say 'Hangover' in French?

Because that's what I feel like I have today! But, alas, not the alcoholic kind! I blame the Red Bull! Last night I imbibed in a Red Bull, and got busy with lots of sewing!

I didn't finish the quilt last night, but I DID sit up knitting until 3 AM! And then I MADE myself go to bed. Today...I pay the price. A woman cannot survive on 4 hours of least not THIS woman! LOL

Up before 7 to roust the teenager up and out the door, I sat with the pedal to the metal and a cup of coffee in my hand, trying to function. I functioned well enough to finish the French Country Coverlet this morning!

I worked from a pattern in the book Great Patchwork Collection from BH&G

It was one of the first books I added to my quilt library.

This was the first quilt I made from the book...and my first bed-sized quilt!

It's still a favorite, and currently on the bed!

But this one always caught my eye too.

I loved the check fabric and the impact from the positive/negative blocks. And so, the inspiration for my French Country Coverlet.

I'll have to get proper pics another time. This beauty is HUGE....I have no space inside large enough to spread it out....and it's rather muddy outside! So if nothing else, I'll share a pic when it's quilted and on the bed. I love the peasant feel to it....with the flecky muslin...the faded red in that yummy French General print. I'll enjoy this one on the bed!

And now, I continue to deal with this Red Bull hangover. Once I finished the quilt, I didn't do much else for the entire day. Even a nap didn't help. I'll be retiring early this evening! But first...I'll see if the Ben & Jerry's will cure what ails me! ;o)

Happy Monday!



FatQuarterQuiltFarm said...

after reading this I thought "so THATS HOW SHE GETS SO MUCH DONE!!"I've been struggling with the after work lethargy and I almost bought some.. think I'll stick with good ol caffeine !!!
whew that was a close one!!
Hair looks FAB by the way as does the quilt top!!
The potato chip pieces in the ice cream are so wierd! like round chunks of shoestring potatoes!!
and not a problem so far!!! lol

Margaret said...

Red Bull, huh? My son got a whole pack of Red Bull as one of his birthday presents from his friends. lol! Looooove your quilt!!!!! Gorgeous! It does look like those woven coverlet patterns for sure. Hope you're recovering from the lack of sleep and Red Bull. :D

Laurie in Iowa said...

Your quilt top is gorgeous... I love it.

Deb said...

I was hoping that you'd come up with something besides Red Bull as to what keeps you going through the night!! Can't go there with that stuff (nor any caffeine). With that said, I'm absolutely drooling over your quilt. So much red happiness!! Like Margaret said, it looks like a woven coverlet!! I love it!!

Valerie said...

Your quilt is magnificent! The pattern is a real eye catcher. I look forward to seeing it on the bed.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how you can handle the taste of the Red Bull. But somehow I doubt you will again. I hope you feel better. BUT, you know they say the cure to a hangover is hair of the dog that bit you. Or hair of the bull?????

Love your quilt pics. Thanks for sharing.

KathieB said...

Red and white--OUTSTANDING!!

No wonder you get so much done--staying up half the night to knit?? I cannot do that. In fact, I'm embarrassed to say that sometimes, after a long day, the knitting is a sleep aid. Then I get very little accomplished at all. Sigh.

Meredith said...

I love that book. Your quilt looks great. I have never had red bull I do not drink caffeine

Michelle said...

Your quilt top looks fantastic! I love using a print with muslin. Gorgeous!