Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursday!

We've reverted back to winter temps and snow this week here in South Dakota. Yesterday was the coldest of the week, but I still managed to brave the elements (HA!) and make one stop in search of Thrifty Thursday treasure.

I found this lovely Mikasa Intaglio trinket box for a dollar.

Isn't it lovely? In perfect shape!

It happens to be resting on yet another handmade box.

Clearly this was someone's woodworking project. It's rather large...and rather heavy!

Some great copper accents and love those handles!

It needs cleaned....and some rough spots need sanded. And I have no idea what purpose it will serve, but I loved it and loved that it was a flat top! That opens up all SORTS of possibilities!

Thanks everyone for your comments on my 'what is it?' object last week! I do think it is a bamboo planter! First of all, there was plant-like residue in the bowl when I purchased it. Secondly, that center core is hollow but has that little hole at the bottom, which would allow water to flow up in to the stalk of the bamboo! There are no threads in the center core, so it's not for a bottle to screw in to. So I'm going to try and grow bamboo in it and see what happens!

I loved reading everyone's thoughts on what it was so much, I think I'll do that again! I have a few other 'odd' items that I'm not sure exactly what they are! So stay tuned!



Margaret said...

A bamboo planter, huh? Interesting! Love the box! Nice trinket box too of course. We have snow here too, but thankfully only a touch!

Catherine said...

Oh my! I love that wooden box!! And the trinket box is cute too!

Just rainy here, but cold!

Julie M said...

Great finds! I haven't had a chance to get out lately. Maybe after retreat.

It turned cold again in Nebraska too!

Deb said...

Great finds as usual Kim. Boy that box is great. There is so much that you could do with that! Love the accents and the handles.

Theodora quilts said...

what lovely finds and so thrifty ,I love that box it must be old because of the handles ,they can be shined up and look great,I also found a box not as nice as yours ,but it will come in handy ,now I must search what the heck is intaglio ?? lol.theodora